Thursday, February 2, 2023

How to Change Your Career At 40



Changing your career at any age can be daunting but it’s particularly challenging in your 40s. You’ve spent years building up your existing career and your reputation. Now you may have to start from scratch all over again.

Whether it’s because you have a toxic employer, your industry isn’t as strong as it used to be, or you’re finally chasing that dream you had twenty years ago, it’s not going to be easy. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Do Your Research

If you don’t know what type of career you want to change to, now is the best time to explore. Doing an interest inventory test can help you narrow down the type of career you’re suited to. If you are clear on the industry you want to go into, it’s worth researching the different roles and what is required from them.

It’s also important to find out how much each role pays and how long it will take you to reach the level of salary you want. What qualifications do you need? Is experience necessary? Perhaps you can offer some of your time voluntarily to experience the industry before you make any decisions.

What Changes Do You Want?

It’s important to really consider why you want a change in career. If you’re trying to run away from an awkward situation or you don’t want to work with someone anymore, you may just need a change in company rather than a change in career. Take a moment to pause and ask what changes you expect to get from a new career.

If you’re looking for more job satisfaction, flexibility, or bigger earning potential, you’ll need to make sure you choose a career path that delivers those things. Write down your goals for the next five years and find a career that can help you achieve personal success.

Shadow Someone

If you know someone who already works in your chosen industry, ask if you can shadow them while they work. This will give you a taste of what the industry is really like and you’ll have more realistic expectations of what the job entails. It’s easy to get a fairytale idea of what a job is and then be disappointed when you start.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions to someone with inside knowledge. The more knowledge of the industry you can display when you get an interview, the more likely you are to be hired.

Transferable Skills

One of the best things about changing careers in your 40s is that you’ll have tons of transferable skills. There are tons of skills you can apply to all kinds of positions in all kinds of industries. For example, communication or leadership skills are two of the most sought-after skills in any industry.

You may also have years of collaboration skills after working in teams or perhaps you’ve built extensive emotional intelligence after working with people. Are you creative or analytical? All of these attributes should be listed on your resume.

Benefits of Changing Career

There can be many benefits to changing your career in your 40s. Here’s why now is the perfect time.


For many people in their 40s, confidence is no longer an issue. You know who you are and what you’re capable of. You have at least two decades of experience in employment and you can bring a lot to the table.

You Still Have Time

Although you have experience, you also have time. You still have time to start from scratch if necessary and you still have time to study and learn. If you’re lucky, you have another three decades in a career that could bring you true job satisfaction.

Better Mental Health

Being in a job you actually enjoy can dramatically improve your mental health. It isn’t easy to get up in the morning and go to a job you hate without feeling low. You may also feel burnt out, fatigued, and anxious. Changing your career could be what you need to feel happier every day.


Success means something different for everyone but for many people, success is measured by achievement. Changing your career to one that you see value in will help you achieve things you feel proud of. In addition, success can mean higher qualifications and more money.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Must-Have Items for Your Gym Wardrobe

You want to look and feel your best when you're hitting the gym. However, having the right wardrobe can make a world of difference in your comfort level and workout performance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym rat, having the right pieces of clothing is essential to make sure you get the most out of your workout. Here's a list of must-have items for your gym wardrobe. 

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Gym Shorts 

Gym shorts are a must if you plan to hit the gym regularly. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find something that fits your style and body type. Gym shorts should be form-fitting but not tight; they should allow enough room for movement without bunching up or becoming uncomfortable after a few sets. Also, look for shorts made from breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester blends; this will help keep you cool during intense workouts. 

Gym Shoes 

Another essential piece of equipment for any serious gym goer is a good pair of gym shoes. This is especially important if you plan on doing any running or plyometrics exercises, as these require extra support and cushioning that regular sneakers won't provide. Look for shoes with plenty of cushioning and arch support—you don't want to be hobbling around after an intense session because your feet hurt! As with all shoes, it's essential to try them on before buying them to ensure they fit correctly and provide adequate support when exercising. 

T-Shirts & Tanks 

T-shirts and tanks are a great way to add style to your workout wardrobe while keeping cool while exercising—especially when working outdoors in the warmer months. T-shirts and tanks come in all sorts of styles, colors, and designs, so it won't be hard to find one that suits your taste. Make sure they are made from breathable fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends so that you don't overheat while working out!   

Sports Bras

Sports bras are a must for any woman who plans to hit the gym. They provide extra support and protection to help prevent pain and discomfort while exercising. Look for sports bras with adjustable straps to get the perfect fit every time. Sports bras come in all styles, colors, and designs, so you can buy one that fits your style and taste. You can buy sports bras here and find the perfect fit for your body type.

Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are a must if you plan on weight-lifting or doing any exercise where you'll be gripping onto weights. These will protect your hands from any uncomfortable rubbing or rough surfaces and give you a firmer grip on the consequences. Also, look for gloves made from breathable fabrics like cotton or spandex so your hands don't overheat during your workout.

With these must-have items in your gym wardrobe, you'll have everything necessary to ensure each workout is comfortable, supportive, stylish –and, most importantly– practical! Don't forget about accessories such as water bottles, towels, wristbands/headbands, etc., which are essential when heading into the gym! With all this gear taken care of -all that's left is getting yourself motivated –so get going! Good Luck!

Friday, December 9, 2022

Overcome Stress & Worry Once & For All

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Of course, stress and worry are normal aspects of human living. There is always going to be some measure of this kind of feeling in your life, and that is something that we all need to expect. However, it is certainly possible to transmute the experience in some manner, so that it makes it all the more bearable and life becomes much more enjoyable. The question is: how to do that? In this post, we’ll look at some of the best ways to overcome stress and worry, regardless of what your relationship with these might be right now - or your history with them.

Watch Your Diet

It might be surprising just how much your diet can affect your stress levels, but the truth is that it really can do so quite profoundly. As such, watching your diet with care is one of the best things you can do to keep your stress and worry right down. In particular, you should aim to eat plenty of healthy whole foods, especially plenty of vegetables and some fruit, along with grains and the like as well. If you do that, your mind and body will both be so much calmer and happier, and it’s amazing how well that will work.

Try Alternative Therapies

A lot of people use many different kinds of alternative therapy, and it’s definitely something to consider if you are keen on doing all you can to manage your stress and worry. Some of them are certainly more powerful than others, and some have more actual evidence attached to them too. A good example of the kind of alternative solution that can really work wonders is CBD oil from places like CBDistillery. That can be used to keep your stress levels right down very effectively, and with good ongoing effects.

Get More Sleep

It’s not always easy to just get more sleep, of course, but you should certainly aim to because the benefits of doing so can be quite amazing. If you tend to worry a lot, then you probably find this affects your sleep, which then causes you to worry more, and so on. Breaking this vicious cycle can be tough, but it’s necessary if you want to live fully and happily and with as little stress as possible. Sort out your nighttime routine and ensure your bed is comfortable, and you should find that sleep comes a lot more easily.

Talk It Out

Talking out loud is very often one of the best ways in which you can hope to manage your stress levels. When you are worried about something, that worry and fear usually only gets worse if you let it stew internally. You will really always find that it gets better, conversely, if you talk it out loud. When you have good friends and relatives to chat to, it makes a world of difference, so definitely make the most of those people and talk about your worries as fully as you feel able to. It will really help.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

3 Ways To Cope With Christmas Away From Home

The festive season can be an emotional time for many people. Sometimes, certain situations and circumstances might get in the way of you spending time with your family and friends. Maybe you’ve moved to a new country, or everyone else has plans. Statistics show that 60% of people haven’t spent Christmas with their families in the past two years. It is normal to feel sad when you don’t get the chance to see and interact with your loved ones, especially after a long year. While those feelings are normal, it is equally important that you find measures to help you cope. Here are some tips to help make Christmas without your loved ones feel much better.

1.  Volunteer

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While it’s good to always give back to society throughout the year, Christmas is an extra special time for giving. If you have more free time this year, why not spend your holidays helping others and giving them a cheerful holiday? Volunteering is a great way to keep busy and interact with others. Numerous charities and organizations seek support during the busy holiday season, and you can research online to find charities that align with the causes you support. Studies have shown that volunteering can positively impact your mental health and reduce anxiety and stress. Giving back can also boost your self-esteem and make you happier. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others. You will also get the chance to form new friendships with other volunteers. 

2.  Send thoughtful messages to your loved ones

Just because you are away from your family and loved ones don't mean you can’t shower them with gifts. It’s a great way for them to know that you are thinking of them even while you’re thousands of miles away. There are numerous ways to share heartwarming messages with your family. You can voice or video call them regularly to stay in touch. You can also keep in regular contact by exchanging pictures and funny stories throughout the holidays. Another way to spend quality time with your family is by sharing prayers for this Christmas. You can pray together for a peaceful holiday season while apart and share encouraging messages with family members going through tough times. 

3.  Host a virtual dinner

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Thanks to technology, distance is no longer a big deal when spending quality time with your family. You can still do some of your traditional Christmas activities even when you are away from them. Only this time, there will be a twist. You can still have your Christmas dinner together and participate virtually. That means cooking a meal for yourself and joining your family for a virtual feast. It’s a great way to still participate in your favorite Christmas activities and interact with them as though you were physically present. How amazing is technology? 

You no longer have to worry about feeling left out this upcoming Christmas holiday. With these tips, you will still enjoy the joys of Christmas as though you were with your family. 

Friday, October 14, 2022

Ways to Keep You and Your Family Healthy this Winter

As winter fast approaches and that threat of snow hangs over us, many of us are already sending less time outdoors. Winter is the season of festivities and sitting next to a warm fire, but this means that winter can take its toll on our health. The nights are long, the cold bites, flues, and colds are everywhere. Exercising seems like a distant dream, while unhealthy food offers the warmth and comfort we are looking for. So, what can we do to stay healthy this winter? 

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Stock up on Essentials

You never know when you might be in desperate need of something and not be able to buy it. So, it stocking up on those essentials makes sense. Think about things such as over-the-counter pain relief, throat lozenges, and decongestants. Some vitamin D supplements won't go amiss either, as well as anything else you may need. Thin also about food items that may become more difficult to buy as the cold hits. Another consideration is wood for those wood-burning fires and stoves. Candles and batteries may be a good shout, too, just in case those power lines go down.

Eat Well and Keep Fluids Up

If you are concerned about coming down with some, especially in the days of Covid, then you should take care of yourself, even when the weather tells you too much fatty food. Eat as much fresh fruit and veg as you possibly can. These are nature's medicines, filled with vital vitamins and minerals which can help you fight any cold or flu. Remembering to drink plenty of water, too, is virtual. It helps the body flush out toxins and ensures that all your organs are hydrated and working as effectively as they can.

Be Safe

Ensuring that you are equipped for the conditions is a great way to avoid injury and stay healthy. Wearing the right warm clothes for the weather conditions is a start. Using chains on your tires, and hurting a snow plowing contractor to make your walkways safe, are all must-dos. If you get a chill, an illness, fall over, get frostbite, or even crash your car due to being unprepared for the weather condition, then you are going to suffer the consequences. So, be sensible and be safe. The safety of your family should be number one on your priority list.

Your Heating System

If you haven't tested your heating system or had a maintenance check before the winter comes, then you may be in for a shock. Waiting until winter to turn your system in and discover you have an issue is a big mistake. Furnace maintenance costs a lot more in the winter as the engineers are far busier. So, ideally, you need an annual check in the early autumn or late summer. When it comes to using your system, you need to resist the urge, no matter how strong it may be, to really turn that heating up a few notches. Having it set too high can cause more illness, waste gas and money, and cost you a lot more in the long run.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Look After Your Mental Health Better This Year

There are lots of things you have to do when it comes to looking after your mental health and trying to improve it as much as possible. This is something that you need to think about and get right when you want to make your health and happiness better. With winter fast approaching, the need to stay happier and healthier has never been higher, and you can do a lot to try to work on this in your life. 

Making sure you do the best you can to look after your mental health better this year is one of the key things that you’re going to need to improve upon. It is important to do as much as possible to try to develop a plan of action that can help you improve your health and well-being this year. These are some of the best options to boost your mental health this coming winter.



Meditation is a great way of being able to help you look after your mental health better, and there are so many things that you can benefit from when doing this. If you have a smartphone or watch these days, there are apps you can use to help you improve and use your meditation, and this is one of the best things that will help you improve this process. If you are able to meditate, you can put yourself in a positive headspace, and remove and reduce the stress that is going to have a negative impact on your mental health.


Yoga is a wonderful way of being able to look after your mental health better this year, as well as improving your body in the process too. Yoga is a wonderful way of being able to improve mental wellness, and put yourself in a calm and positive mental state as much as possible. There are plenty of different types of yoga around that you can make the most of, and this is something that could have a huge impact on your mental health this year.

Find ways to relax

There are loads of benefits to being more relaxed and serene in your life, and this is something that you have to try to make the most of moving forward. If you are serious about being able to relax and unwind, one of the key things you consider here is to use medicinal marijuana to help with this. Head to AZ Natural Selections Store in order to help you secure the best possible options when it comes to making the right choices for the future right now. 

It is important to come up with some of the key ideas that will help you to look after your mental health and wellness this year. It is important that you do the best you can to work on some of the best ideas that will help to improve this. These are some of the key elements that you are going to need to focus on as much as possible, and this is something that plays a massive role in the process.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

7 Ways to Stay Focused at Work and Avoid Distractions

We all know that the digital age is full of distractions. With the advent of technology, people have become more and more dependent on it. Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient, but it has also made us less productive as a result of being distracted by our phones, laptops, TVs, and other gadgets. 

This issue can be more apparent if you’re working from your home office. It is easy to get distracted at work, especially when you have a lot of tasks and deadlines to complete. The good news is that there are ways to stay focused at work and avoid distractions. So, here is everything you need to know about staying focused on work!

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Remove Distractions

If your workplace is filled with distractions, the first thing you should do is remove them. This means shutting down your email notifications for the day, turning off all notifications on your phone and laptop, not bringing in any personal devices or items into the office (unless necessary), and not bringing in anything that could distract others from their work. In order to stop these distractions and stay focused, you’re going to need to cut these things out; it’s as simple as that.

Think About What’s Keeping You Distracted

Sometimes, it's not even your items or surroundings that are causing these distractions. Did you get enough sleep the night before? Has something been bothering you? Sometimes, if you get to the root of what’s keeping you away from being focused, this can immensely help you out. In addition, if you can change your lifestyle at home to cut down on stress, this will also help you out in the workplace too. This can include looking into Harvest House of Cannabis, as this could be a way to help you relieve stress.

Create a Schedule

You should also create a schedule for yourself so that you know what tasks need to be done and when. This way, you can avoid being overwhelmed by too many things at once.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Breaks

Taking breaks can actually help you stay focused rather than make the situation worse. So, this is something that you should definitely look into! Fifteen minutes every three to four hours can help clear your brain.

Avoid Multitasking

Your attention span is a limited resource that can only be used for so long before it starts slipping away from you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using your attention span efficiently by focusing on one task at a time and avoiding multitasking.

Eliminate Distractions in Your Workspace

If you're constantly being distracted by your environment, you're not getting anything done. E-mail notifications, phone calls, and sounds from other people's offices can easily interrupt your workflow. Here are a few ways to eliminate these distractions.

In today's busy world, staying focused and productive is becoming harder and harder. The workdays are filled with distractions and interruptions that prevent them from achieving goals. But, if you can control certain aspects of your environment, it’s best to try!

Use a Timer to Stay Focused for a Specific Time

Many people find it difficult to stay on task for a set amount of time. A timer can help you feel more in control of your time and the tasks you need to complete. A timer can be a mini-goal, as once the timer is up, you can relax and take a small break.