Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome....Let's Begin

Thanks for visiting my blog. Since I am a SAHM, I realized that I still needed to contribute to our family by learning how to save money. I plan to give hints on how to make your dollar stretch and how to keep as much of it as possible.

I started collecting coupons from Sunday newspapers and from magazines. Whenever I found a product I liked, I would call the company and tell them. Many companies will offer you coupons or they will add you to a mailing list. The internet has aided me in my coupon search as well. Simply search for the company and follow the links. You will come across many promotions and their mailing lists as well. I made a separate email account to handle the newsletters that come from the sites, but the benefits are sooo worth it!

There are many ways to sort and keep up with your coupons. Some people use a notebook method and file entire Sunday supplements together, while others cut out the coupons and put them in their notebooks in baseball card or photo pages. I choose to use a coupon box with sectioned files. I simply place my coupons behind their sections. I also made a file for expiring soon coupons and for free coupons.
Although I should do it more often, I clean out my expireds monthly.