Monday, November 16, 2009

Twitter Moms and Target Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving means so much more to me than a just a day to pig out and watch football, so when I found out about the contest sponsored by TwitterMoms and Target, I had to participate. All you have to do is to blog about 3 Thanksgiving traditions you are (or will) pass down to your children.

1. Thanksgiving morning we snuggle together and watch several parades on television while enjoying each other's company and discuss the floats and bands.

2. Since we eat lunch at my grandparents house, I take my daughter early so we can spend some time with her great grandparents, talking about the Thanksgivings of their youth. Then my daughter helps Grandma make the homemade biscuits...the old fashion way!

3. Since my husband is a chef at a retirement community, he works until 3pm, so our family of three has Thanksgiving dinner together around 7pm. Prior to dinner, each of us takes time to write down three things we are thankful for this year. As we have dinner, we take turns sharing our three things! It is interesting to see what we have in common, and what sticks out to each of us!

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Clueless_Mama said...

Those are all wonderful Thanksgiving Traditions. I love to hear how people will be spending their holidays. I wish I could make homemade biscuits