Monday, November 30, 2009

"What are Your 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with Your Kids?"

When the question, "What are your 5 favorite holiday activities to do with your children?" was asked by Twittermoms, I knew I had to answer! Christmas is my favorite holiday because it is the one holiday for me that revolves around family, love and Jesus.

My 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with my daughter are:

1) Work on crafts! We make Christmas ornaments out of almost anything. Each year, we do something a little different and my daughter gives these to our family members as gifts!

2) Go look at the Christmas decorations! We will ride around one night each week (during December) and look at the decorations. We usually count the number of houses who have decorated and watch how the number increases each week!

3) Sing Christmas Karaoke! We have a blast listening to Christmas music, and when we get the chance to sing Karaoke, we can't resist!

4) Christmas Service at Retirement Home! My family holds a Christmas holiday service at a local retirement community and we sing, my father brings a message, then we have a party for the residents there. My hubby is a chef so he and (mini chef) daughter bake cookies and breads and make punch for the party. Our daughter loves to see the smiles on the faces of the elderly residents there!

5) Wrapping and rapping My daughter and I make a day of it and we wrap gifts and is so nice to be relaxed and just chat. When your mind is occupied on the wrapping, you tend to talk more freely for some reason!

These are some of our Holiday Activities....we have soooo many, I can't list them all!!

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