Saturday, March 6, 2010

General Hospital Ambassador....Dante and Michael...and more!

I so enjoyed watching General Hospital this week.  Dante and Lulu tried to get a little alone time, but Olivia cools things down quickly for the two!  OK, I admit, it is a bit too early for Dante to be enjoying extracuricular activities.  He had surgery a few weeks ago! be young again!

Carly and Jax continue to dance around each other with the arguments and then....closing off areas of the hotel for some make-up sex.  All right already....agree to disagree and stay together! 

Maxie and Spinelli...I wish Spinelli would have more confidence in himself when it comes to Maxie!  And Maxie, UGH...lay off the bad boys please. 

Nikolas, Liz & Lucky...With Helena running around, anything is possible...Evil personafied!  Enough already...marry Nikolas and TRY to make things work...your sex life did!  Lucky, move on and finally find happiness!

Now for the storyline I have mixed feelings about...Dante, Michael and Sonny.  I understand that Sonny wants to protect Michael, but hasn't he learned yet that lies only make things worse?  Dante is such a stand-up young man, I know he'll do the right thing, but right to whom?  Since it seems he already figured out that Michael was there when Claudia was killed, will he tell that truth, or the one his father is speaking?  Who will Dante protect?  His brother or his father?

All these questions keep me tuned in everyday!  See ya next time!


I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.

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