Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 5 things that would make volunteering easier

I have been both a volunteer and a volunteer coordinator with our school PTA.  I also volunteer as a tutor, with my daughter's basketball team and with our church.  Volunteering is very rewarding, but can also become frustrating too!  Here is my Top 5  list of things that would make volunteering easier:

1.  Give your volunteers some advance notice on any changes!  Do not wait until the last minute to make them aware of changes!

2.  Offer your volunteers a flexible schedule.  If you need someone to cover for six hours, why not break it down so one volunteer does not HAVE to work the whole time.  Some people can only work for a few hours at a time, let them!

3.  Ask your volunteers for their opinions on how to make improvements on the volunteer scheduling.  Someone might have a better idea!  It never hurts to be open to hearing them.

4.  Give everyone a chance to volunteer.  I know it can be the easier at times to call on the people you are most familiar with, but everyone who wants to volunteer deserves a chance!

5.  Say thank you and mean it!  I will always work harder and more often when I feel appreciated!  Don't make your volunteers feel like you are doing them a favor by allowing them to help!

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I hope that these tips will help!
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