Sunday, May 30, 2010

Powerade Play Review

      A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity for my family to try POWERADE PLAY.  POWERADE PLAY is the first sports drink that is designed for children ages 6-12.  Since my daughter Future FBI,  is very active and it can be difficult to keep her well hydrated, I decided to give it a try.  She will drink water, but water is "boring". She prefers a thirst quencher that has taste, so she will grab a soft drink or juice, well, that was until we received the POWERADE PLAY.  She loves the taste and I love the fact that it has 25% less sugar than the leading sports drink.  Along with having less sugar, POWERADE PLAY is enhanced with Vitamin C (100% of Daily Value) and Zinc (20% DV) to help support a healthy immune system.  It is loaded with B-Vitamins (20% DV) B3, B5, B6 + B12, and has 100% natural flavors. 

     POWERADE PLAY is the official sports drink of little league baseball and softball.  I think this fact is very cool, because it offers the kids a sports drink that has fewer calories and sugars than other sports drinks.  POWERADE PLAY also features POWERADE’s ION4 advanced electrolyte system which helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. 
     When the POWERADE PLAY arrived, Future FBI  put one bottle in the freezer and the others in the refrigerator.  She went outside to practice basketball and to play a game or two of tether ball.  When she came in, she grabbed the ice cold  POWERADE PLAY from the freezer and she loved it!  My hubby and I also gave it a taste test.  We were pleased with the flavor, and decided that it would become a new staple for our family. 
POWERADE PLAY is available in Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Grape and Orange flavors. It is available in  6-pack 12 oz bottles, which is the perfect size for your young athletes!  The suggested price is $3.19 per 6-pack.  That's pretty average for a sports drinks, but when you break it down to about 53 cents each, that figure sounds much better!  For more information on POWERADE PLAY, visit
The opinions in this post are solely my own!   Thank you to POWERADE  for providing me with the samples.  I was not compensated for writing this review.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Must-have Fashionable Pieces to Pack for Every Weekend Trip

Whenever I go on a weekend trip, I always seem to pack the same items.  My hubby laughs at me about it, but comfort is important to me!  When TwitterMoms and Gap Outlet started a blogging program about those must have items, I had to blog!!  You can learn more about it by clicking here

I always carry items that do not require ironing!  In NC, it is way too hot to iron in the summer.  All my clothes have to be light weight and comfortable.  I try to make sure that my clothes can be worn both for daytime and nighttime adventuring!

My 5 must-have pieces are:
1.  Comfy Blouses.  I pack three or four just in case I get a stain on one of them!
2.  Capri Pants.  I always take a nice pair of capris because they are so easy to dress up for a nice dinner.
3.  Shorts.  Living in NC makes shorts a MUST because above everything, I have to stay cool.  If I'm not cool, my trip can easily be ruined!
4.  Sandals.  I carry my sandals everywhere because they can be paired with both casual and dressy clothes.  My sandals also keep my feet from getting too hot.
5.  Bathing Suit & Cover up.  I consider this to be one item, because you will never see me out of the pool without my cover up on.  When we go on weekend trips, we try to stay in places that have pools!  A pool is a perk that can't be forgotten!

These are the things I carry with me!  I can't wait to see what everyone else lists in their top five!

Thanks for reading!  Until next time...

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EOGs are over!

     Last week, I was a proctor during the end of grade tests at my daughter's middle school.  These kids are put under so much pressure to pass that it is crazy.  I was in a class of 22 seventh graders and these kids were stressed out.  Several felt sick to their stomachs.  One girl cried!  It was killing me, so I decided to brighten their final EOG day and I brought them goodies!  Each kid got a bag of candy and gum, along with either a Frisbee or a beach ball.  We had a blast tossing the ball around after the tests ended!
     My daughter, Future FBI,  could not be left out, so I also made goody bags for her 6th grade class!  I was thanked numerous times by the kids and also by her teacher!  I did it because it made ME feel good to give.  The thanks I received from the kids and the teachers was well worth the expense!  Those young people worked hard and deserved it! 
     We were surprised to receive the scores from the EOGs on Friday.  I am very proud of Future FBI, she received very high scores...two 4s!  She scored high enough that she is being tested next week to have a chance to take Algebra 1 next year, in 7th grade!  Way to go, Sweetie!  I love you and am very proud!

Since I rarely post personal things, I was hesitant, but I figured, why not?!  It is MY blog!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playtex Bra Makeover

I think every woman struggles with finding the correct fitting bra.  I have that problem, and my mom and grandma have said that they do as well.  When I heard about Playtex holding a contest at, I knew I had to enter.  Then I was offered the opportunity to blog about that contest by MomSelect for a chance to get a NEW bra from Playtex!!  SCORE!!

Do your old bras have slipping straps, riding up backs, or not enough support? Seven out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra! WOW! The result in wearing it can be back and shoulder pain, as well as bruising and digging. Your style also takes a hit, because without the correct fitting bra, no outfit will fit like it should! If this sounds like your problem, enter by Friday, May 21, 2010. Apply for a Bra Makeover from Playtex at You can apply for a bra makeover or nominate a friend.  The winner will be flown to New York to receive a Bra Makeover with style expert Alison Deyette. Deyette is a fashion and trend lifestyle expert who has been featured on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and TLC's Ten Years Younger, as well as in print publications including Good Housekeeping, The Washington Post, and O Magazine.   The 10 winners selected for a Bra Makeover will also star in their very own webisode wherein a makeover candidate will receive a fitting with Deyette and walk away with the perfect Playtex products. A new webisode will premier on every two weeks.

Real women have real bra issues...I do!  Playtex can help!  Visit for more information!

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By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a free bra from Playtex. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Creative and Affordable Vacation Ideas

We love taking family vacations, but the economy has certainly put a crimp in our vacation budget!  I always try to save money in everything I do, so of course, I want to save money while on vacation as well.  Here is my top 10 list of ways I save money while on vacation.  You can visit twittermoms to learn about other ways.

1.  Plan your vacations in advance.  You can get state travel guides, maps and even coupons to use on your trip.
2.  Stock up on snack items.  You'd be surprised how much money you can save by taking your own drinks and snacks with you, instead of buying them on the road.
3.  Travel by car instead of plane.  Almost anywhere you travel, you need a car.  When you go by plane you have to rent a car, driving saves that added expense.
4.  Travel off the beaten path.  There are so many wonderful and interesting sites to see, all you have to do is look for them...on the backroads!
5.  Travel mid-week when possible.  Hotel rooms are usually more expensive on weekends, and are usually more packed as well.  If you're going for a few days, go midweek, you'll save money.
6.  Travel off season.  If you visit places during the off season, you can save money on hotel rooms and you can usually get souvineers at cheaper prices too.
7.  Travel with friends or family.  You can always split the cost of cabins or hotel suites and get more room for a much cheaper cost.
8.  Eat in your room.  Get a room with a kitchen and do some cooking in the room.  Cabins and suite hotels are ideal and save money on always going out to eat.
9.  Eat early bird meals.  Many restaurants offer deals for people who eat early.  This can come in handy when eating dinner out.  You can usually save up to 50% doing this.
10.  Visit local zoos or parks.  Your local area parks or zoos are ideal places to go with kids.  The prices are reasonable and the kids can release their energy in the great outdoors.

I hope these tips were helpful to someone.  I had a blast putting it together!

Until next time,
Have a Blessed Day!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Most Triumphant Outlet Shopping Story

     I have always loved to get the best deal on anything I am buying.  That is the main reason I love shopping at outlet stores!  When outlet shopping, I have found out that I pay about half  the retail price, sometimes less!  When TwitterMoms and Gap Outlet offered up a new "Share Your Most Triumphant Outlet Shopping Story," I jumped at the chance.  Your can find more information about it here

    My most triumphant outlet story has to be buying baby clothes.  When we were expecting my daughter, money was very tight.   My mother and I went outlet shopping and were able to buy enough baby items to keep my daughter clothed for well under $100.  We bought onesies that were retailed at $14.99 per 3 pack for $5.00.  We got baby socks for $2.00 per 6 pack.  They had dresses that retailed for $24.99 for $9.99!
I would never have been able to dress my daughter that well without outlet shopping!

    Although that shopping was several years ago, I continue shopping at outlets to this day.  We recently shopped for some jeans for my daughter. The jeans retailed at $44.99, and at the outlet, I was able to purchase those first quality jeans for $11.99.  My daughter was thrilled and so was I!   I will be an outlet shopper for the rest of my life.  At these prices, shouldn't we all be?

     Gap Outlet is offering up to 50% off on select Summer Styles from April 23 until May 6th! Also, Gap Outlet is offering an exclusive coupon code to the TwitterMoms community for an additional 15% discount on all purchases, with a minimum spend of $75. This exclusive additional discount is available to all TwitterMoms friends and family from April 26 through May 10. 

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     Banana Republic Factory Store is offering up to 50% off all women's clothes from April 30 until May 19th! Banana Republic Factory Store is offering an exclusive coupon code to the TwitterMoms community for an additional 15% discount on all purchases, with a minimum spend of $75. This exclusive additional discount is available to all TwitterMoms friends and family from April 26 through May 10, so hurry to your closest location today.
I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Gap Outlet blogging program to be eligible to get a $20 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Appomattox, Virginia Trip

     When I was a child, we took a lot of short day trips to some of the local historical sites in the NC/VA area. My favorite trip was the one we took to Appomattox,VA.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with this historical site, I'll explain a little.  On Palm Sunday, 1865, General Lee's surrender to General Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia signaled the end of the Southern States attempt to create a separate nation...aka the Civil War!  History is fascinating to me and when you realize that visiting many of the historical sites is free or at a very reasonable price, it becomes enticing to me as a destination for a family day/weekend trip.

     We decided to forgo the normal highway routes and we took the back roads.  It was a beautiful trip.  The dogwood trees were blooming and the other trees were filling with beautiful green leaves.  We were very lucky that the day was sunny and the temperatures were wonderful.  They ran in the 70s and we had a nice breeze as well.  We didn't realize that we were visiting during the weekend commemorating the 145th anniversary of the surrender.  WOW!!!   We were shocked and amazed!

     There are many places to visit there, but none better than the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park.  There are many wonderful buildings to visit there and lots to see.  Prepare to be transformed back in time to 1865!  One of my favorite buildings there is the Clover Hill Tavern.  It was built in 1819 and it is the oldest structure within the village at Appomattox Court House NHP!!!  YES...the original structure! 

The Confederate soldiers were issued their parole papers at the Clover Hill Tavern.  (pictured above)

     There are many other buildings there, including the courthouse and the McLean house.  The courthouse was rebuilt after a fire destroyed it, and the Mc Lean house is a replica filled with period items!  The National Parks Service also offers a Junior Ranger Program for kids 7-13.  They are given a booklet with tasks to accomplish and when they finish, they are given special treats and a certificate. 

     My husband, 11 year old daughter, and I had a great trip and enjoyed learning about the surrender and life during 1865.  Appomattox Court House,VA is a place we plan to revisit!  This short, day trip offered me a chance to see things the way they were in 1865 Virginia.  Our nation as come a long way.  We need to remember and understand our past.  If we do, hopefully we'll never make the same mistakes!

Thanks for reading about my trip.  I was not compensated for writing about it.  I just hope someone gets the chance to learn more about history!

Til next time,