Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EOGs are over!

     Last week, I was a proctor during the end of grade tests at my daughter's middle school.  These kids are put under so much pressure to pass that it is crazy.  I was in a class of 22 seventh graders and these kids were stressed out.  Several felt sick to their stomachs.  One girl cried!  It was killing me, so I decided to brighten their final EOG day and I brought them goodies!  Each kid got a bag of candy and gum, along with either a Frisbee or a beach ball.  We had a blast tossing the ball around after the tests ended!
     My daughter, Future FBI,  could not be left out, so I also made goody bags for her 6th grade class!  I was thanked numerous times by the kids and also by her teacher!  I did it because it made ME feel good to give.  The thanks I received from the kids and the teachers was well worth the expense!  Those young people worked hard and deserved it! 
     We were surprised to receive the scores from the EOGs on Friday.  I am very proud of Future FBI, she received very high scores...two 4s!  She scored high enough that she is being tested next week to have a chance to take Algebra 1 next year, in 7th grade!  Way to go, Sweetie!  I love you and am very proud!

Since I rarely post personal things, I was hesitant, but I figured, why not?!  It is MY blog!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

That really is a nice thing to do and so worth it! I love doing things like this it makes me feel wonderful to do for others. That is really a very thoughtful thing to do.