Monday, June 14, 2010

Proportions Food for Dogs Review

     Our Shih Tzu, Ginger, is a huge part of our family.  She is Future FBI's baby, which makes me a grandma.   LOL!  She's not a pet, she IS a member of our family! 

     We always try to feed Ginger the best food we can find for her, and when I was offered the opportunity to review Proportions Dog Food, I jumped at the chance. With the Proportions program, you are given a customized meal for your dog. The meal that was designed for Ginger came in pre-measured packets and I put it together. First, I opened the Crunchy Blend (kibble) and poured it in a bowl. Then I poured the Hand Carved Chicken in Pumpkin Soup over it. Then I sprinkled the Harvest Mix (dehydrated fruits & veggies) on top, and then lightly mixed the food together!

     When I placed the food in front of Ginger, I expected her to smell it, take a small taste and walk away, which is her usual routine.  Not this time!!  Ginger put her face in the bowl and she never moved until her bowl was empty!  I have never seen her eat anything like that!  I loved the fact that the food was tailored to the specific health and dog breed.  Each dog has unique needs and the Proportions takes that into consideration when they put your dogs meal plan together.  We were very pleased with the food.  Ginger was as well.

     If you would like more information about Proportions, or to order a sample for your fur baby, click HERE.  I think you will be very pleased with the sample.  Your fur baby will be too!

Thanks for stopping by!  And just a little FYI...For those wondering about a sudden change in the food...I got the OK from her vet!

Have a blessed week!
Proportions provided me with the Free sample of their food for my dog.  I was not compensated for this review!  The opinions are purely my own!  I was NOT encouraged to write a positive review.  I only post reviews on products I truly like.

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