Monday, June 14, 2010

Symptom Cold & Flu Pak Review

     I was given the opportunity to review the Symptom Cold & Flu Pak and I was thrilled to do it.  Every time we go on vacation somebody gets sick and we have to find somewhere to get them medication.  Finding meds is not a problem when you are in a well populated area, but when you are camping, or in another remote location, it can be a nightmare.  This is where Symptom Pak comes in handy.

    You can handle most aspects of a cold or cough, or even an allergy with a portable kit called SymptomPak™. SymptomPak™ is like a first aid kit for your cold. It is a small, blue box that features five of the ingredients most often needed for colds, cough, fever, and flu. The individual ingredients come in separate bottles, rather than in one multi-symptom pill or liquid. You can treat only the symptoms you have, instead of taking doses of medication for symptoms you don’t have, which might render you sleepy or groggy.

     SymptomPak™ makes having a cold even more manageable by including a small pill box in the “Pak”, so you can take your chosen medication(s) with you when you go sight-seeing or helicoptering around a volcano, for instance. Each bottle in the “Pak” contains 30 tablets, which should get you, or anyone who is traveling with you, through your vacation much more comfortably and safely. It’s better to take what you’re familiar with than taking drugs in a foreign country where you might not recognize the ingredients.

     As soon as we headed off to the lake for a short weekend trip, my daughter, Future FBI, started complaining with a headache.  I was able to open up my Symptom Pak and get her something for her headache.  The following morning, my hubby, Chefy, was complaining with a stopped up head.  Back to the Symptom Pak to grab him meds.  I was able to treat the specific symptoms they exhibited instead of dosing them with things they didn't need.  I love the idea of having the medicine available this way.  It saves us from taking time out of our trip to track down something to take.  Without the Symptom Pak, we would have had to drive over an hour to find medicine.  From here on out, the Symptom Pak travels with us, where ever we go!
Symptom Pak is available on leading internet sites such as,,, Rite and Health For more information visit

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Disclosure:  The product was provided to me at no charge.  I was NOT compensated for this review.  The opinions I expressed are purely my own. 


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That really is a great idea. Glad it was useful to you!

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