Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Uprinting.com Greeting Card Giveaway Ends Sept. 10


I love greeting cards.  Nothing means more to me than getting a card from someone.  To me, it means that they were thinking about you.  Uprinting.com offered me the opportunity to hold a giveaway where one lucky reader will receive 50 7x5 Folded Cards with Plain Envelopes. 

Uprinting.com has so many different designs, templates and items, they can take care of all of your commercial printing needs.  They carry everything from business cards to custom banners to custom greeting  cards.  They have designs for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day and New Years.  Don't see what you are looking for?  No problem.  You can even build your own design! 

I fell in love with several of the designs. My favorite is the gingerbread house. 

These cards are not just for businesses.  You customize them to meet your specific needs! 


Prize info:  50 7x5 Folded Cards with Plain Envelopes

                  14pt Cardstock Gloss
                  4 Color Front, Blank Back
                  4 Baronial Blank Envelopes
                  Half Fold (Scoring only)

Entry info:  Leave one comment for every entry, unless noted. You must have a visible email address in your Blogger profile, otherwise it needs to be listed on every entry!  The mandatory entry must be done before any extra entries.

Mandatory Entry:  Go to Uprinting.com and tell me which custom greeting card design you like.

Extra Entries:
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Enter to win 50 cards & envelopes from Uprinting.com at Shelly's Bits and Pieces http://tinyurl.com/2dvtx83 @sleatham1 ends 9/10

This giveaway ends on 9/10 and is limited to US residents; 18 years old and above.  The winner is chosen by random.org and will be emailed.  The winner has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review/giveaway. I did receive a blogger appreciation prize. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Tips For Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Twittermoms and Tiny Prints teamed up for a new blogging program wanting ten tips for planning a unique baby shower. Since I am the oldest female cousin in the family, I always get looked to when it is time to plan a baby shower.  I enjoy all the planning and preparations that go along with planning any shower! I can have a great imagination when I need to.  Here are a few tips I use when I need plan a baby shower.

  1. Food is a key to having a good shower.  I usually have a decorated 8 inch round cake for the mom to be and cupcakes for the guests.  It saves time cutting the cake, and it actually works great for those who want to take their cake home.  I always try to have a fruit and veggie tray. Most everyone enjoys fruit or veggies and they are great when you have dieters attending!  My grandma's signature punch is also a must at any shower.  Also make sure to have water on hand for those who do not like punch!
  2. Give the party a theme.  When my baby sister decorated my nieces nursery in an undersea theme, we decorated in under the sea.  She loved it.  The punch was blue and the cake and cupcakes were decorated in the same theme! 
  3. Why not make it a co-ed party.  The daddy's always seem to miss out on all the fun and gifts, so why not make the shower open to everyone.  I love watching the daddy to be checking out all the new toys they get!
  4. Put a blank journal on the table and asks the guests to write tips or even little notes of congratulations to the mom to be.  New moms often welcome all the helpful hints they can get.
  5. Games.  Guests either love games or hate them.  If you know your guests, and they are party people, play some games that will make people laugh.  If a game is too serious, or takes too long, people lose interest and may be tempted to leave the party early.
  6. Gift Log.  Have someone write a gift log for the mom to be.  If the party is a large one, put numbers on the gifts so they can match the appropriate gift to the giver.  We also have the guests fill out their addresses on the thank you note envelopes.  Lots of new moms get Mommy Brain and this can be such a help to them.
  7. Take pictures!  This is a memorable occasion for the mom to be, and it might be the only baby shower she will ever have.  These photos will be important to her!  We take photos of the gifts as they are opened so the mom to be will be able to have a photo record of the baby's first gifts.
  8. Make a diaper cake for the mom to be.  This is not only a nice decoration, it is a very useful gift!  Every baby shower I have attended recently has had a different looking diaper cake.  Make one that matches the party theme or the baby's nursery,
  9. Get the siblings involved too.  Most children are anxious about the new arrival.  Ease their anxiety by involving them in the shower.  Have them help open gifts, or stack gifts.  Also make sure they get a few things as well.  A "Big Sister" shirt, or a book about being the older sibling is always nice.
  10. Make sure the mom to be has help getting everything home.  I have seen too many showers where the guests leave and the mom to be is left with all the gifts to move herself.  Have someone designated to help her get them home!
Disclosure:  I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Tiny Prints blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 Tiny Prints Gift Code plus 25 FREE Tiny Prints Greeting cards (valued at $149.75). For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why the Energizer Smart Charger would make my life easier

It seems that everything we own takes batteries.  My digital camera, remote controls, flash lights, etc all take AA batteries and we constantly are out of them.  I could deal with having to keep batteries on hand for the cameras, but now, we have to add in the Nintendo DS, Wii remotes and mp3 players.  I swear I can't keep up.  The average battery usage in my household, of AA alone is over 24 batteries each month.  YIKES!!

We were going broke buying batteries...until I found out about the new Energizer Smart Charger!  Rechargeable batteries are just the ticket!!  With the Energizer Smart Charger, I can just pop in the dead batteries at bedtime and grab the recharged ones in the morning!!  This will save us quite a lot of money!  Why is it a smart charger?  It is so high tech, it knows when to terminate the charge!!

It will be so nice to have charged batteries when I need them! Thanks Energizer!!  Keep the ideas going and going and going......

FYI:  I found out about this awesome opportunity from Jennifer at Jleighdesignz.com Check it out. Energizer is only offering this to the first 200 blog topic posters.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes
     Right now, Hampton Hotels is running an awesome sweepstakes!  You can win a weekend stay!  This weekend stay is at ANY Hampton Hotel!  Think of the possibilities!!  The sweepstakes has been going on since June 1, 2010 and will end on September 4, 2010.  You can only enter the sweepstakes one time, and the entry form is super easy!  I just entered!  Why don't you give it a go!  You can't win if you don't enter!  You might be the winner this time!

     Taking weekend vacations has become an important part in my life.  The economy has caused my family to have to rethink our idea of what a vacation involves.  I have found that I can get just as rejuvenated going on a weekend trip as I can going for a week.  Once you get your mind set on the shorter vacations, you'll find out how much fun they can be! 

     My husband and I enjoy taking weekend trips with some of our friends.  We are very family oriented and it is a lot of fun to get together with our friends, away from home.  I don't have to worry about making sure my house is clean.  The hotel takes care of that for me, and the kids are always happy with a pool to enjoy. 
Sound good to you? 

     If I win, I'll be taking a fall trip up to Pigeon Forge, TN to enjoy the fall colors and to get a break from the normal NC Indian summer.  There are so many Hampton Hotels to choose from, where would you go?  There are tons of choices.  Now, go enter!!
Visit my sponsor: Win a free Weekend Stay

Click Here
Click Here

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Avocado Dress Up!

 Did you know that avocados are a packed with over 20 essential nutrients including folate and fiber? Since they are very filling, they provide a slow burning fuel for your growing children!

From August 16 through September 10, 2010, children from 4-12 years old can enter the Avocado Dress Up coloring contest from Avocados of Mexico, by clicking HERE.   There will be 3 winners in each of the 3 age groups!  The age groups are broken down as follows:
Age 4 and under, Ages 5-9, and Ages 10-12.  The 3 prize are:
Grand Prize                 $250 Gift Card
First Runner Up           $100 Gift Card
Second Runner Up      $  50 Gift Card
An example of the picture is:

Why not drop by and enter today?

I wrote this blog post at the request of Avocados from Mexico, making me eligible to get a $25 iCARD gift card.


Five Important Lessons Kids Should Learn

Nothing is more important to me than the way I raise my daughter.  It is my responsibility as a mom to make sure she learns certain lessons and is ready to go out into the world!  Here are 5 important lessons I feel she needs to know.
  1. Treat others as you'd like to be treated.    When you are playing a game, take turns.  Share.  Don't be a bully.  Offer to help people.  Remember, good deeds multiply friends, bad deeds divide them!
  2. Always try your best.    Don't just get by.  If you do things half way, you are only cheating yourself.  You don't always have to win, but you should always try your hardest!
  3. Don't put things off for tomorrow.   No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Tell your family that you love them everyday.  If you have a report due in a week, don't wait til the last minute to work on it.  You never know what can come up.
  4. Respect yourself and others.    Take care of yourself physically and emotionally.  If you don't respect yourself, you can't expect others to.  Show respect to others.  The best way to get respect is to give it!
  5. Don't try to grow up so fast.    Enjoy being a kid.  Don't be in such a hurry to experience all the grown up things.  The time will come for you to be an adult and take on adult responsibilities.  Enjoy your freedom while you can!
I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Nanny McPhee Returns blogging program, making me eligible to get a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.


Monday, August 16, 2010

A Lot on My Mind Today!

On August 16, 1985, I was returning home with my church group from a youth trip to Bath, NY and Niagara Falls!  We had a lot of fun on this trip, and were expecting an easy ride home.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  While travelling in the state of Pennsylvania in a drizzling rain, a tractor trailer hauling live chickens jack knifed and hit our church van!  Our van rolled three times, and when  it came to rest, three people out of the 11 in the group were dead.  One of the youth members, Tony A, a chaperon, Joyce B, and our pastor,  Brother Mike, were killed.  The other eight of us were injured!  Physical injuries heal, but the memories remain.  That day, people lost loved ones.  My brother and I were injured, but we both made it out with our lives.  Brother Mike was a married father of two, and was not only my father's best friend, he was the closest thing I ever had to a big brother.  He is on my mind today, as are the other members of our group.  My heart still grieves for our loss, the loss of loved ones, loss of health, and the loss of innocence.  I was never quite the same after that trip, but I understand that things happen, and that Mike would not want me to doubt God. 

I did stray away a little after that, but quickly came back into the fold.  Today I am thankful for everything Brother Mike taught me, and for the short period of time he was in my life.  No matter what, although I miss him being here, I know that I will see him again!  Of that fact, I am most thankful.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awesome CSN Giveaway!!

     The wonderful people at CSN contacted me about holding a giveaway for all the super special readers of Shelly's Bits and Pieces!  I'm thrilled to be working with CSN again because they are wonderful to work with, and placing an order is easy, and quickly delivered!  With over 200 stores to choose from, you can find anything from a Dutch oven to a bed!  OK...so maybe the bed is what I'm looking for, not you!  LOL

     So here is the deal!  CSN has offered a $60 gift certificate to one lucky reader.  Simply hop on over to their website and take a look around! Then, when you have torn yourself away from the cool stuff, come back here and let me know what you would get with your gift certificate!  It is as simple as that!  Want more entries?  After you've let me know what you'd buy, you can enter again by doing any of the following:
  • Follow my blog publicly on Google Friend Connect
  • Subscribe to my feed
  • Follow me on twitter @sleatham1
  • Post a comment on any of my NON giveaway posts (2 extra per post commented on)
  • Enter any of my other giveaways (1extra entry per giveaway entered)
  • Blog about this giveaway (3 extra entries)
  • Add my button to your sidebar (5 extra entries)
  • Tweet this giveaway (May be done twice daily)  Enter to win a $60 CSN Stores GC at Shelly's Bits N Pieces @sleatham1 http://tinyurl.com/283etbn ends 8/28.
US and Canada residents only.  Please leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win! Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on August 28, 2010.

Angel Jacklyn is the winner chosen by randomizer.  She responded...Giveaway closed!
Disclosure:  The gift certificate prize is being provided by CSN stores.  I was not compensated for this post!  All opinions are my own.

Googly Bands Retirement Party

It's happening again! Googly Bands will be retiring Series 1, 3 & 4, and on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 they will be holding a retirement party!  The party takes place at 6pm EST/3pm PST.  For more information, check out the Googly Bands facebook page.  Tons of prizes will be given away during the hour long party! Make sure you RSVP at Facebook.com/googlybands.

If you have kids or tweens, I'm sure you already know what Googly Bands are, but if you need to know more, check out their website, GooglyBands.com

See you there!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

ProFlowers: Tealicious Basket (with free cookies) Review

I have been ordering flowers from Proflowers.com for quite a while now.  My mother in law lives 3000 miles away from us, and when we want to give her a little pick me up, we send her flowers.  Proflowers.com has NEVER let me down!  Since I always send her flowers, I always overlooked everything else on their website.  It sounds horrible, but I did.  Recently, I had the opportunity to review a gift basket from Proflowers.  After carefully considering each basket, I chose the Tealicious Basket Item #30002922.
Basket Contains
5 Honey Sticks

10 English Afternoon Tea Bags
Tea Caddy
6 Assorted Tea Bags
FREE 2 oz. Key Lime Cookies
When the basket arrived, I was very pleased. It was well cushioned for shipping and was in pristine condition. The Key Lime cookies were devoured within 5 minutes, and we were all sitting there wishing we had more! The teas are a very nice blend. Nothing biting or harsh! The honey sticks, although meant for the tea, were eaten by my hubby and daughter. The tea caddy is adorable, and I liked it so much, I put it in my curio cabinet with my miniatures. The polka dot box is sturdy and can be used for many things! My box is currently being used to house hair necessities in my daughter's bathroom.

I was very pleased with the quality of the products and the speed of the delivery.  I WILL be purchasing more gift baskets from Proflowers.com!

Disclosure:  The gift basket was provided for me to review at no charge from ProFlowers.com. (Thank you!)
No monetary compensation was provided to me.  The opinions expressed are my own!


The Jensen Project DVD and Soundtrack Giveaway

My family really enjoys having our Family Movie Night!  We always try to find family friendly movies that the entire family can enjoy.  When I was offered the opportunity to review The Jensen Project, I was very excited.  We were not at home to view it when it was aired on NBC, and I forgot to DVR it!

More than three million viewers tuned in to NBC to watch the second Walmart and Procter & Gamble-produced TV movie “The Jensen Project.”

For those of you who missed it, “The Jensen Project” is available now on DVD exclusively at Walmart as a bonus pack with the soundtrack, produced by Randy Jackson and featuring tracks from Jordin Sparks, Alisan, Ilsey & Jordan, and Brooke White.  The Bonus pack is priced at $13!

“The Jensen Project,” starring Kellie Martin, LeVar Burton, Patricia Richardson, Brady Smith, Justin Kelly and Alyssa Diaz, is a thrilling and fun science fiction film focusing on a secret community of geniuses conducting advanced underground research to solve the world’s most difficult problems. The geniuses are thrust into a frantic pursuit to keep a potentially-dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands. As they race against the clock to save the world, they discover that sometimes the smartest thing we can do is learn to lean on each other.
My family really enjoyed the movie.  It held the interest of both adult and child alike!  It's so nice to be able to enjoy a family friendly movie and not have to worry about adult language and sexual situations!  If you want to watch a movie that reminds us that we need to be there for each other to lean on...this one will do it!
Giveaway:  Two lucky Shelly's Bits & Pieces readers will win a copy of the Bonus Pack, which includes the DVD and Soundtrack!

Mandatory Entry:  Tell me what is your favorite family movie.
Bonus Entries:  (May be done ONLY after the mandatory entry has been satisfied)
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 Win The Jensen Project DVD & Soundtrack at Shelly's Bits & Pieces ~ @sleatham1 ~ http://tinyurl.com/26gp9ww ~ Please RT

Rules:  Giveaway valid in the US only!  You must put your email address in your comment in order for it to be valid!   Giveaway ends on August 27th at 11:59pm and the winners will be drawn by Random.org and notified by email!  Winners have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn!

Disclaimer:  The DVD/Soundtrack was provided to me at no cost for my review.  I was not required to post a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own!  I was not compensated for writing this post.

The winners have responded...giveaway closed!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is NMEDA?  It is the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association and is a non profit organization!  They are not sellers!  Their job is education!  They educate consumers on products they can buy from a qualified NMEDA dealer! 


Since no two people with disabilities are the same, it is very important to have a vehicle that is designed especially for the disabled person.  Your NMEDA dealer is there to help you with an "in person" evaluation.  This enables you to be sure you are getting the correct driving solution for your needs and lifestyle!  Need training or product refinements?  Your NMEDA dealer can help with that too!

In addition to NMEDA dealers, they also have QAP(Quality Assurance Program) dealers.   QAP dealers have completed an accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry.

Being a caregiver to a disabled person can be very tough.  Taking them back and forth to a doctors appointment can be a nightmare without the proper transportation.  This is where your NMEDA qualified dealer could assist you!  They can help make transportation one less thing to worry about. 

For the elderly or disabled person who wants to maintain or regain their independence, a NMEDA dealer can help get them back on the road.

There are 5 NMEDA dealers and  2 NMEDA QAP dealers within a 100 miles of where I live.  To find out where the NMEDA dealers are near you, simply go to nmeda.org and on the homepage, hit the dealers locator and type in your ZIP code. 

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Giveaway Scout

I recently found out about a new site you need to check out if you host giveaways on your blog, or if you just like entering blog giveaways!

Here is what they say about themselves:  Giveaway Scout is a giveaway search engine. Our users subscribe to receive updates on the latest giveaways on the web. Add your blog and your giveaways will be exposed to our large network or users.
* We publish your giveaways on multiple channels (Our web, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and widget network)

* Get more exposure to your blog and giveaways

WOOHOO!  That sounds good to me!  Why not check it out?  I am!


$25 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway for BTFE Back to School Event

I love to shop at Sam's Club.  I could go to the Durham, NC location which is about 40 minutes away, but  generally drive an hour to go to Danville, VA, because it's a more scenic drive.  Sam's Club has so many different items, I doubt I'll ever know everything they carry.  What I do know is they carry lots of General Mills products with Box Tops for Education (BTFE) pieces on them.  When you buy bulk, you can get extra box tops!
The local school system has taken a lot of budget hits and many things the schools need are no longer provided. 
My family donates the BTFE's to the middle school my daughter attends, and they have been able to purchase more books for the library, and other needed items from the proceeds.  When my daughter was in Elementary School, the school was able to buy gym equipment, books and even a few computers with the BTFE proceeds!  Every little bit helps! Simply save your Box Tops all summer and start the school year off right with a nice BTFE donation, and continue collecting all year!

From August 11th through August 31st, Sam's Club is giving you a head start on collecting them for your school!  On select General Mills products, you'll receive 6 BTFEs!  For a limited time, Sam´s Club is giving you the opportunity to earn even more Box Tops when you upgrade to a "Plus Membership." From Aug. 6 - Aug. 13, or while supplies last, visit the Member Services Desk of your local Sam´s Club and upon payment for your Plus Membership, you will receive a certificate for 150 Bonus Box Tops!   That is a wonderful starting point for your BTFE collection!  I know my daughter's middle school is going to be thrilled!

Remember the 150 Bonus Box Top offer is only for a limited time, but the BTFE Back to School Event at Sam's Club runs through the 31st!

For more information on how you can take advantage of the Back-to-School event at Sam´s Club, visit www.samsclub.com today!

         Now for the GIVEAWAY.............................................................
Ashley Elaine is the winner...Giveaway closed!!
One Lucky winner will win a $25 Sam's Club Gift Card to help you buy some Box Top For Education Products!

Mandatory Entry: Let me know what different Box Top for Education products you would buy at Sam's Club.
                                   Please include your email address in your post!
Bonus Entries: (Only after Mandatory entry has been posted)
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                     *Tweet the giveaway (Twice daily for 2 entries EACH)
$25 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway at Shelly's Bits N Pieces @sleatham1            http://tinyurl.com/2vr88ug #Myblogspark

Giveaway Rules:  Must be a U.S. Resident 18+ yrs old to enter. The Mandatory entry must be answered in order to win. Winners are drawn using Random.org and emailed. You will have 48 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is drawn. Giveaway Ends Aug. 26, 2010 at 11:59 EST.

Disclosure: The Sam´s Club Plus Membership, gift card, information, and giveaway were all given to me from Sam´s Club and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.


Googly Band Review

My tween daughter is like every other tween I know. She LOVES Googly Bands!
I was lucky enough to get some to review and I was the most popular mama on the block!

What are googly bands? They are the Stretchable Bounce Backable Wearable Collectable!
Thankfully, this new craze is affordable!  Kids and Tweens are having a great time swapping these bands and some stores have even held swap events!  New Googly Bands are coming out all the time, so keep your eyes peeled!  They have even been listed as a Walmart.com item of the day!

It can be hard being a kid or a tween....let them enjoy being a kid while they can!  Googly Bands are an inexpensive way to make them happy!

Thanks for stopping by!  


Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Go BlogHer Blog Hop

The first thing I want to do is to say that while I am very envious of all the ladies attending BlogHer10, I hope everyone has a wonderful time and a safe trip  I soooo wish I had been able to attend, but finances would not cooperate with me, and to be honest, I had no one to travel with me. 

The No Go BlogHer button is resting comfortably on my sidebar, and below are my answers to the questions.  I hope it gives you a little more insight into who I am.  Look around my blog while you're here.  Please leave me some comments and constructive criticism, and while you're at it, enter a giveaway or two!

1.When did you start blogging?  I started blogging about two years ago, after thinking about doing it for a year.

2.Why did you start blogging?  I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and I started reading blogs I found from friends.  It made me feel better realizing that I was not alone in what my family and I were going through.  So I blog to share bits of my life and to talk about products and hold giveaways too.

3.What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?  I am spending time at home with my hubby and daughter, who I love more than life itself.  My husband hurt his foot and has not been able to work.  My daughter is preparing for her summer nightmare of going to the beach with my ex for a week, so I'm prepping her with lots of love and hugs!

4.Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite.  My favorite post was 10 Bits & Pieces You Should Know About Me.  I actually told a few things there that I never talk about with anyone.  I guess it is easier to write things about yourself than it is to actually talk about them.
I really hope to make some good blogging friends.  Because of a childhood trauma, it is very hard for me to trust people, but I hope some of you will give me the chance!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barber Foods Chicken Grillables Review & Grill Giveaway!!

     We have been a big fan of Barber Foods for quite a while.  They are delicious and make an ideal dinner entree.  As a matter of fact, if you go into my freezer right now, you'll find several different types!  My husband and I love the chicken cordon bleu and the broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts, and our 12 year old daughter will fight over the broccoli and cheese ones.  They are a great way to entice your kids to eat their vegetables! 

     When I had the opportunity to try the Barber Foods Chicken Grillables, I was very excited!  They have been available for a while, and I never noticed them.  Now that I have tried them, they have become a new addition to my dinner menu!  Chicken Grillables are lightly seasoned with just the right amount of onion, garlic and other spices.   The patties are all natural and have only 140 calories and 5 grams of total fat per 4 oz serving.  Delicious and good for you?   They are also very easy to prepare.  Barber Foods recommends preparing them one of these three ways:


1. Brush grill with vegetable oil or coat with cooking spray.
2. Preheat grill to Medium.
3. Remove raw breast(s).
4. Cook breast(s) from frozen for 6 minutes per side.

1. Spray pan with cooking spray.
2. Preheat to Medium heat.
3. Remove raw breast(s) from pouch.
4. Cook breast(s) from frozen for 7 minutes per side (based on frying 4 breasts).

1. Preheat broiler to 500 F/High.
2. Spray broiler pan with cooking spray or brush with vegetable oil.
3. Remove raw breast(s) from pouch.
4. Broil breast(s) from frozen 8 minutes per side.

     We prepared ours on our outdoor gas grill and they were so good.  They did not dry out! 
My hubby preferred to eat his as sandwiches with lettuce and tomato.  My daughter and I paired our Chicken Grillables with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli!  This was one meal where there was nothing left!

     I was able to find my Barber Foods Chicken Grillables at our local Harris Teeter.  To find out where you can buy them, click HERE, and enter your zip code at where to buy.  Now, all you need to figure out is what side dish to serve!  You can get some wonderful ideas from Barber Foods on their Side Dish Recipes section.  My daughter loved the broccoli slaw and my hubby loved the grilled sweet potatoes.

Now for the Giveaway: You could win a Bodum Frykat Picnic Charcoal Grill in the color of your choice!


How do you enter? 
Mandatory Entry:  Leave me a comment sharing your favorite Summer Side dish Recipe!

After you have done this, you may do any of the extra entry items!

Extra Entries:
Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect (2 entries)
Subscribe to my feed (2 entries)
Follow me on twitter @sleatham1  (2 entries)
Tweet about the giveaway.  Make your own tweet or use the sample below: (1 entry per day!)
I entered to win a charcoal grill at Shelly's Bits & Pieces @sleatham1 http://tinyurl.com/grillables #grillables
Tell me what other Barber Foods product you would enjoy (2 entries)
Follow Barber Foods on Facebook
Blog about this giveaway and post the link for me (5 entries)
Add my button to your sidebar (5 entries)
The winner is rubymoonstone@XXXXXXX.XXXX
giveaway open to US residents only.  Giveaway ends on August 19th at noon EST!
Disclaimer: I received  free coupons for Chicken Grillables so I can write my honest opinion of the product. Barber Foods is responsible for the winner’s prize. The winner has 48 hours to respond to my email before I pick a new one.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my daughter was small, she was very easy to take care of.  She was rarely sick, but when she was, she would end up with horrible diaper rash.  Nothing would soothe her like Boudreaux's Butt Paste.  Boudreaux's was recommended by our pediatrician, and I was skeptical because I had never heard of it. After using it, I am skeptical no more! 
Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Boudreaux's Butt Paste® was specifically formulated by a pharmacist with direction from a respected pediatrician to provide effective diaper rash care.  It soothes irritated skin and is easy to apply and remove.  You can find Boudreaux's in many convenient sizes, such as 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz tubes, and a 16oz jar.
It can be purchased in LOTS of places.  Call 1-800-BLAIREX (1-800-252-4739) or (812) 378-1864 to find a location near you. 

My husband and I have discovered other uses for Boudreaux's as well.  He wears chef coats everyday, and sometimes his skin becomes chafed around his underarms.  We can apply the Boudreaux's and within a day or so, the inflamation is gone.  I've also used this on my skin when I broke out after wearing clothes fresh from the drycleaner.  I am very allergic to things, and my skin was raw!  I applied the Boudreaux's Butt Paste, and my skin irritation was soothed! 

You can grab your own sample of Boudreaux's Butt Paste by dropping by their website.  Click HERE for the link!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School with Zebra Review and Giveaway

Zebra Pens and Pencils..............I'm in heaven!  When I was offered the opportunity to review some of Zebra's products, I never hesitated.  As I have said before, I love office supplies, especially cute ones like these!  The package I received for review contained a package of each of these:

Rollerball Arrow
Rollerball Needle

Immediately upon opening, Future FBI grabbed most of the Cadoozles and several Daisies for herself. She loved the colors of the Daisies and the design themes on the Cadoozles.  Her favorite Cadoozle themes were the sports and ice cream themes. The Cadoozles are #2 pencils, so they can be used at school, and they have 6 different themes.  I took the remaining Daisies and put them in my purse.  I was pleased with how smooth the ink flowed, and I also love the colors.  My daughter preferred the orange, and I loved the fuchsia.  My father came by and saw the new pens and he grabbed the blue Rollerball pens in both styles.  He was very happy with how well the pen wrote. 

We have purchased more of the Cadoozles at Staples, for Future FBI to use at school, and we will be buying more pens as well.  Zebra Pen Corporation offers an extensive line of writing instruments including ball point pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, gel rollers, rollerballs and correction pens, so check them out!!!

Now for the Giveaway!!!  One of my readers will win the same products I received from Zebra!!   Perfect for Back to School!!

How do you enter?  It's simple.  Check out the Zebra Pen website and tell me which Zebra product you'd like to win and why.  This must be done for your bonus entries to count!  You MUST put your email address in your response so I can get in touch with you!

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Enter to win some Zebra Products at Shelly's Bits and Pieces http://tinyurl.com/2ce2m5h PLZ RT Giveaway ends August 19 at 11:59pm EST  Open to US only.  Winners have 48 hours to respond to an email or another winner will be drawn!

The Winner is Nancye and  has been emailed!

These products were provided for me free of charge for me to review.  I did not receive compensation for a positive review, nor was I required to post one.  The opinions are my own, based on my experiences.  As with all products, your mileage may vary!


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Going Back to School Giveaway: Carolina Pad Studio C

Everyone who knows me has seen my office supply addiction first hand. I really like pens and pencils, but I LOVE decorative binders, journals, notebooks, etc! I was so excited when I found out I would be reviewing Carolina Pad Studio C items!! I love the quality of their items, and they have so many fun and cute collections to choose from.  These collections include:

Hot Chocolate
Royal Twist
These products can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, Staples, Office Max, Michaels, CVS and more!   Find Carolina Pad products at a store near you by clicking HERE!  The different stores carry different Carolina Pad collections!

Since I have a "tween" daughter, I have given her the choice of which Carolina Pad products she wanted for Back To School.  After looking over all of the goodies, she took them ALL!

Here is a photo of the goodies I received!  And thanks to the wonderful people at Carolina Pad, one of my lucky readers will win the same goodies I received!

How do you enter?

Mandatory entry---.  Make sure you leave your email address in your comment, or your entry will be invalid!
**This entry must be done in for your extra entries to count!**

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Tweet about this giveaway:  This may be done twice daily.  Each tweet is worth 2 entries!  Make up your own or copy and paste the following:    I entered the Carolina Pad Studio C giveaway at Shelly's Bits & Pieces @sleatham1 http://tinyurl.com/39sgw8a ends 8/16 Plz RT

For (5) extra entries each:
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Giveaway ends on July 16 at 11pm CST.
Giveaway valid in the US or Canada only.  Individuals who have won a prize package from Carolina Pad in the last 90 days are not eligible.

Thanks for stopping by!  Now, what are you waiting for?  Go Enter!
Hannah has been chosen by randomizer and has been emailed!  She has 48 hrs to respond!

Carolina Pad provided the above products for me to review.  The  opinions I expressed are my own and I was not compensated for writing a positive review.  Carolina Pad is responsible for providing and shipping the prize to the winner.