Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Tips For Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Twittermoms and Tiny Prints teamed up for a new blogging program wanting ten tips for planning a unique baby shower. Since I am the oldest female cousin in the family, I always get looked to when it is time to plan a baby shower.  I enjoy all the planning and preparations that go along with planning any shower! I can have a great imagination when I need to.  Here are a few tips I use when I need plan a baby shower.

  1. Food is a key to having a good shower.  I usually have a decorated 8 inch round cake for the mom to be and cupcakes for the guests.  It saves time cutting the cake, and it actually works great for those who want to take their cake home.  I always try to have a fruit and veggie tray. Most everyone enjoys fruit or veggies and they are great when you have dieters attending!  My grandma's signature punch is also a must at any shower.  Also make sure to have water on hand for those who do not like punch!
  2. Give the party a theme.  When my baby sister decorated my nieces nursery in an undersea theme, we decorated in under the sea.  She loved it.  The punch was blue and the cake and cupcakes were decorated in the same theme! 
  3. Why not make it a co-ed party.  The daddy's always seem to miss out on all the fun and gifts, so why not make the shower open to everyone.  I love watching the daddy to be checking out all the new toys they get!
  4. Put a blank journal on the table and asks the guests to write tips or even little notes of congratulations to the mom to be.  New moms often welcome all the helpful hints they can get.
  5. Games.  Guests either love games or hate them.  If you know your guests, and they are party people, play some games that will make people laugh.  If a game is too serious, or takes too long, people lose interest and may be tempted to leave the party early.
  6. Gift Log.  Have someone write a gift log for the mom to be.  If the party is a large one, put numbers on the gifts so they can match the appropriate gift to the giver.  We also have the guests fill out their addresses on the thank you note envelopes.  Lots of new moms get Mommy Brain and this can be such a help to them.
  7. Take pictures!  This is a memorable occasion for the mom to be, and it might be the only baby shower she will ever have.  These photos will be important to her!  We take photos of the gifts as they are opened so the mom to be will be able to have a photo record of the baby's first gifts.
  8. Make a diaper cake for the mom to be.  This is not only a nice decoration, it is a very useful gift!  Every baby shower I have attended recently has had a different looking diaper cake.  Make one that matches the party theme or the baby's nursery,
  9. Get the siblings involved too.  Most children are anxious about the new arrival.  Ease their anxiety by involving them in the shower.  Have them help open gifts, or stack gifts.  Also make sure they get a few things as well.  A "Big Sister" shirt, or a book about being the older sibling is always nice.
  10. Make sure the mom to be has help getting everything home.  I have seen too many showers where the guests leave and the mom to be is left with all the gifts to move herself.  Have someone designated to help her get them home!
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