Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why the Energizer Smart Charger would make my life easier

It seems that everything we own takes batteries.  My digital camera, remote controls, flash lights, etc all take AA batteries and we constantly are out of them.  I could deal with having to keep batteries on hand for the cameras, but now, we have to add in the Nintendo DS, Wii remotes and mp3 players.  I swear I can't keep up.  The average battery usage in my household, of AA alone is over 24 batteries each month.  YIKES!!

We were going broke buying batteries...until I found out about the new Energizer Smart Charger!  Rechargeable batteries are just the ticket!!  With the Energizer Smart Charger, I can just pop in the dead batteries at bedtime and grab the recharged ones in the morning!!  This will save us quite a lot of money!  Why is it a smart charger?  It is so high tech, it knows when to terminate the charge!!

It will be so nice to have charged batteries when I need them! Thanks Energizer!!  Keep the ideas going and going and going......

FYI:  I found out about this awesome opportunity from Jennifer at Check it out. Energizer is only offering this to the first 200 blog topic posters.

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