Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Tips for New Moms Who are Bringing Home Baby

Bringing home a new baby is nerve-wracking for every new mom. We all want to make sure our new baby is in a safe, healthy and happy environment. Twittermoms and Lysol have teamed up for a new campaign asking us for ten tips for new moms who are bringing a baby home. I'm sure each person has their own tried and true tip, here are a few that worked for me.

1. Have a few quick and easy meals stock-piled. Bringing home a baby can be stressful enough without having to worry about what to cook for dinner. In the last weeks before the baby arrives, think about things you can freeze to reheat later. Spaghetti sauce freezes and reheats beautifully. The spaghetti sauce can be used for several meals.

2. Don't be afraid to ask your friends and relatives to help you out with household chores. Things as simple as taking the trash to the curb can cause a problem for the new mom. Most people will gladly give you a hand with things if you ask them. Some people are afraid to intrude, and are just waiting for you to ask.

3. Don't put off getting the necessary baby items until the last minute. Forecasting the birth of a baby is not easy. Your baby might decide to make an early appearance, and it is much easier to have diapers, wipes and formula ready just in case.

4. Keep Lysol and hand sanitizer on hand. You will have guests stop by to visit you and the baby, and they all have germs. Since we are in the age of so many super viruses, having these items on hand is a smart move. Ask your guests to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before they hold the baby. Better safe than sorry.

5. Start making grocery and to do lists. Most of us suffer from new mommy brain after the baby arrives, and if we are in the habit of making lists, we are much less likely to overlook an important appointment or grocery item. This sure saves those late night runs for diapers or formula!

6. Wash the baby clothes before the baby arrives. You will need onesies, tshirts and socks more than anything else. Since a baby has sensitive skin, make sure their clothes are washed in Dreft, Ivory Snow or another baby detergent before you clothe the new baby.

7. Write down important phone numbers and post them on the refrigerator. I have a wipe off board on the side of my refrigerator where I write down emergency numbers, doctor phone numbers, and even close relatives phone numbers. When a new mom gets stressed, sometimes phone numbers, even numbers you call daily can be forgotten.

8. Dust and vacuum often. Dust mites can build up and can cause you and your baby to have respiratory issues. Keeping dust down can help both mommy and baby stay healthier.

9. Don't worry about spoiling your baby. Hold them every chance you can. The bond between mother and child is very important and the first few months after birth is the most important time to begin strengthening the bond.

10. Try a schedule for Mom, Dad, and baby. Sharing the responsibilities with the baby's Dad allows him to begin bonding with the baby, and it gives Mom some down time to rest and relax!

More than anything, remember to relax and enjoy being a mom. If you feel stressed, tell someone and get some help. You are human and will not have all the answers! Don't try to be supermom, and you and your baby will be happier!
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