Monday, February 28, 2011

Mars Needs Moms: 10 Things my daughter would miss...

Have you ever thought about the things you'd miss if you lost your mom?  That is very hard for me to think about at my age, but when I think about what my daughter would miss about me, things get comical.   In honor of the March 11th release of "Mars Needs Moms," SocialMoms brought an entertaining new blogging program that asks you what are the top ten things you think your kids would miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens/Martians?  This is one prompt I had to respond to!

  1. Laundress!  Whenever I am sick or injured, the laundry backs up.  Nothing gets cleaned, folded or put away.  My family just seems to ignore the dirty clothes on the floor and step over the piles!
  2. Chef!  Since I'm a stay at home mom, I do almost all the cooking.  Although hubby is a chef, he tends to relax when he is at home.  When my daughter and her friends want food...they come to mom.
  3. Snuggling!  Our evening is not complete until Mommy becomes the Snuggle Bear.  Even though Future FBI is almost a teenager, she has to come and snuggle with me for at least 30 minutes before bed.
  4. Homework help.  My daughter is in advanced classes at school and Daddy is no help.  I step in and try to help her figure out how to do things.  We actually have worked so well together, she is well ahead of her algebra class....Let's just skip Geometry!
  5. Photographer.  Future FBI is a camera hog and loves to have her picture taken.  Since my camera goes everywhere I go, I'd be missed!
  6. My laugh.  OK, I have a snort laugh when I get tickled and my daughter loves it.  She says that nobody laughs like Mom.
  7. My company.  My daughter and I are actually pals.  We go to movies together, watch certain TV shows together and are in our own book club.
  8. My smile.  I have to admit that even when I'm sick, I smile.  My daughter always says that my smile in the morning always makes her day.
  9. Boo Boo cure.  I have certain tried and true cures for various illnesses and injuries.  My daughter would miss me kissing her boo boos and using my magic wash cloth!  
  10. Our Talks.  She and I sit down and talk everyday.  We have a great relationship and we talk and joke about most everything.
When I started writing this, my daughter was reading and became concerned that something was wrong.  She was relieved when I told her it was a writing prompt.  She told me that she would just have to go after me, if I was abducted.....Makes me feel good.  I must be doing something right!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bright Beginnings Formula

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I know!  I know!  My plans were to get back to my daily blogging...and I will...just as soon as my daughter, Future FBI, gets over the flu!  First I got sick, then she came down with it.  Since she has asthma, we are running into more complications than usual.  She feels soooo bad, is running a fever, coughing and having breathing issues.  Say a prayer for both of us!  God Bless Y'all!  See you real soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Table Manners 101

Growing up, my brother and I always accompanied our parents everywhere they went. When we went out to eat, we were expected to be on our best behavior and to stay in our seats. So, when I became a parent, I followed my parents' example and carried my daughter everywhere I went. Since she was a small baby, she has accompanied me to everything from buffets to five star restaurants. I have been asked many times how I taught her those manners, so when I heard SocialMoms and Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese were looking for bloggers to write about dinner time tradition and etiquette I knew I could contribute to this conversation.

We eat dinner together every night and having that family time together is very important to us. Since my daughter is 12 now, we no longer have the same issues that parents with smaller children have, but here are the rules we follow that got us this far!

Dinner time dos and don'ts for everyone:


1. Wash your hands BEFORE you sit down to eat! Come to dinner clean so you don't contaminate the food.

2. Make sure you are sitting in your chair the correct way. Feet need to be on the floor and your bottom needs to be in the seat of the chair.

3. Wait for Grace to be said before you start eating. Since we wait for the entire family to sit down to say the blessing, this means everyone will be seated before eating begins.

4. Contribute to the conversation. Tell us about things that are important to you and let us know your opinions in family discussions.

5. Carry your dishes to the kitchen when dinner is over. When everyone contributes, clean up is done quickly and with less stress!


1. Don't come to the table with anything electronic! No cell phones, ipods, computers, games, or anything else may be used at dinner.

2. Don't eat like a caveman at the table. You know how to use utensils. Put them to use! This also includes napkins! Your sleeves and pant legs are not proper wiping spots!

3. Do not interrupt other people when they are talking. Give them some attention. When it is your turn to talk, they will repay your kindness.

4. Don't say ANYTHING negative about the food or who cooked it. If you don't like the food, don't eat it. You can always make yourself a PB&J later.

5. Don't act like being at dinner with your family is a chore. Put your soul into it and you might find out you are enjoying yourself!

Enjoy being with your family, be polite and have fun together!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CSN Stores Upcoming Review

I am partnering with with wonderful people at CSN Stores and will be reviewing another one of their awesome products in the next couple weeks.  I could be reviewing anything....will it be one of their nice swing sets, or maybe I'll review some Tervis Tumblers or maybe some new cookware.  With 200+ stores to choose from, the possibilities are extensive.  Keep reading..I might even have a giveaway for you coming later....

Until Next Time, why not run over and check out all the goodies that CSN Stores have to offer!  Happy Shopping!

Getting Back To Normal

Most people celebrate a New Year on January first, but since my January was CRAZY, I'm starting my NEW year with a new outlook TODAY!  I'm promising to be back to my normal daily blogging and to more product reviews and giveaways!  I have lots to share with everyone and cannot wait!  Thanks for bearing with me and please keep me in your prayers!
Lots of Love,

A Final Goodbye to the Best Papa Anyone Could Have

As most of my readers know, the last several months of my life have been crazy.  January was no exception.  On the 25th of January, my Papa passed away at the age of 84.  He went very peacefully and was surrounded by his wife, kids and adult grandchildren.  I was privileged to be the oldest grandchild and was honestly his favorite...until my daughter was born anyway.  When Papa was in his final days, he faded from us and was not eating or drinking anything.  I carried my 12 yr old daughter up to see him, and Papa amazed us all by opening his eyes and looking right at her.  He then reached out for a big hug, called her by name, told her he loved her, and kissed her head.  He had not recognized anyone or spoken intelligibly for a day or so when we visited him, but the depth of their love for each other was shown when he came back to us long enough to soothe her aching 12 year old heart.  She was the last person Papa recognized or spoke to.  It was such a blessing for me and for my daughter.  She will never forget that Papa came back for her! 

BYE Pa!!  We love you and miss you, but we know you are in a better place, and we KNOW that we WILL see you again one day in Heaven!  As a child I said I had you in the palm of my hand.  Now, I carry you in my heart!