Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Memories of Baskets, Peeps and Grandma

When Easter rolls around, my mind always wanders back to the awesome 1970s!  My great grandma would take my brother and me downtown shopping for our Easter outfits.  We would wander from store to store looking for just the right outfit for us, and a hat for Grandma.  After we finished trying on clothes and Grandma was satisfied that we would look our best at church on Easter Sunday, she would walk us over to Woolworth's and help us choose all the goodies we wanted in our Easter Baskets! 

Every kid knows that finding just the right size Easter basket is important.  It needs to be big enough to hold your chocolate bunny and your other candy, but it couldn't be too big, because it had to be easy to carry when you were at the Easter Egg Hunt!  We were pretty much like every kid.  We would get more than our share of chocolate and even chewing gum, but the most important thing to me finding my yellow Peeps!  I loved looking at how cute the Peeps were in my basket, and I loved feasting on them even more. 

One Easter in particular comes to mind because it will be forever known as the year my Peeps disappeared!  After my brother and I had lined our baskets with plastic green grass, added our hollow chocolate Easter Bunny, tossed in the chocolate eggs, and slid in the chewing gum, my yellow Peeps were added to my basket and I placed it on the kitchen counter.  I was so proud of how beautiful my basket was, and I was even more excited that I would finally be able to start eating some of the candy, most importantly my Peeps, the next day.  When I woke up and came into the kitchen, my basket was still there, but my Peeps were missing.  Although I only remember that I was very upset, my daddy says I threw a "hissy fit" because my Peeps were missing.  I do remember we had an all out search for them, which included going through my brother's entire bedroom!  Since back in those days, you didn't go to the store on Sunday, I was crushed.  No Peeps for me!  We searched everywhere until we realized that out boxer, Winston, was no where to be found.  We walked outside to his doghouse to find him stretched out on top of it...eating MY Peeps!  GRR.  As much as I loved my dog, he was on my bad list that day!

I never did get any Peeps that year, but from that moment on, my daddy would buy an extra pack, just in case!  Yellow Peeps were, and still are my favorite!  I have no desire to change colors.  Memories make the yellow Peeps even sweeter to me!

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