Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buying glasses online as a tool for saving

Times are hard and we’re all looking hard at our budgets to see where we can cut corners and save. Much of the time, in our efforts to live frugally, we mistake necessities for luxuries and try to live without, only causing us further problems down the line. This is most true in the case of eyeglasses.

Given a bad rap as being overly expensive without reason, some money savers would prefer to suffer with poor eyesight, eye strain and headaches than to splash on on the “luxury” of perfect sight in the form of glasses.

However, times have changed and the online world has taken glasses wearing to a new level with up to 70% in savings compared to offline-bought glasses and regular competitive promotions which give them the edge over other online options. Essentially, aside from the huge variety of eyeglasses available online, without question the biggest plus to online eyeglasses buying is their affordability. Online retailers such as GlassesUSA.com, provide cheap eyeglasses which rival the quality of any of their offline counterparts and are often even produced through the same manufacturers; yet cost so much less.

All you need is a recently updated eyeglasses prescription (inclusive of your pupillary distance [PD] measurement), an online method of payment, and a working Internet connection, and you have all the tools at your disposal for online eyeglasses shopping. No doubt you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have a choice of eyeglasses in every color, material, style, and size to match all of your needs, wants. You will also find yourself in full control of your spending on all the optional extra additions to your new prescription eyeglasses.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain - try online eyeglasses shopping for your optical and fashion needs! Now, your next shopping trip is even cheaper! Take $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses when you use the code Trans25 or take 10% off your next order when you use the code blog10.

This post was paid for and sponsored by GlassesUSA.com.

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