Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coupons and Saving Money

Saving money is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a kid! My brother would spend every penny he received, and all mine went in a bank.  All through my high school years and college, I would clip coupons and go stock up on necessary items during double coupon days.  My friends thought I was crazy, but they always managed to come and see me when they ran out of something! 

Over the years, my coupon purchases have changed, and the types of products have altered as well.  I have tried may different coupon systems from carrying them in a small holder, to a box, and now, my current method, a notebook!  I must admit, I am enjoying the notebook method!! 

My hubby and daughter love to go shopping with me and enjoy seeing how many items we can buy for the smallest amount of money!  For a while, I went through a period of hoarding.  I had more boxes of cereal than our family could eat in 10 years.  Cereal goes bad...where was my head?  I donated most of the cereal, gave family and friends their choice, and we created some interesting recipes with the rest.  Don't get me wrong, I still stockpile, but now, I donate perishable items before my stock gets out of hand! 

My best shopping trip was when I purchased $112.87 worth of groceries and had to grab a quick candy bar because the store owed me money!  I know many of you do better than that, but I was thrilled!  I'm proud to be passing on my love of coupons and saving money to my daughter.  Future FBI is a huge help and she refuses to pay full price for things she wants now!!  My hubby, Chefy, has built some shelves for me, and is a great cheering section!  Even if I won the lottery today, I'd still use my coupons.  Why waste money when you don't have to?  Do you coupon?  What were your best deals?

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