Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm a Proud Mama Because...

There are so very many reasons that I am a proud Mama!  My daughter was born after I had suffered 14 miscarriages, and 10 years of infertility!  She is my miracle and my blessing from God!  I'm proud of her first of all because she is MINE!  My daughter is my biggest fan.  She helps me with my couponing and even thinks it is cool to save money!  She stalks coupons, helps me cut and sort them, and she even finds good deals for me.  I'm proud of her for that!

Future FBI makes A's and the occasional B in school.  She does her homework without being told to do it, she pushes herself to learn new things, and she loves to read.  This year at the talent show, she was brave enough to stand up and sing.  There's no way I would have been brave enough to do it, but she was! This is another reason I'm a proud Mama.  During basketball season, we are busy running her from game to game.  She shows great sportsmanship and plays with her whole heart.  On the evenings that her team loses, she still congratulates the other team and also tells her team not to get down on themselves, that they played a great game.  I've seen other players get mad, fight, throw things, and refuse to speak after ball games.  I'm a proud Mama because my daughter is a good sport.

When my daughter was 10, she became a Christian and was baptized.  She made the decision on her own, and she can explain the Bible and quote some scripture as well as any adult.  This makes me very proud!  Earlier this year, we lost Papa, my grandpa, her great-grandpa, after a short battle with cancer.  She was grieving, BUT, she was more mature than most.  She focused on her great-grandma and stayed by her side during the funeral, and has been there with her almost every weekend since.  Although she misses Papa, my daughter will tell you that she knows she will see him again one day and that she is glad he's not in pain anymore.  She says she is taking care of Grandma for Pa.  This makes me a proud Mama too.

The thing that makes me the most proud is when I see her smiling face and she comes over for a hug and a kiss and tells me that she loves me.  You see, even when I think I'm doing everything wrong, she tells me I'm a great mama and she wants to be just like me.  I'm proud of the child she was, the person she is, and the lady she is quickly becoming!

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