Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why My Family Would Love Verizon FiOS

My family is like the typical family!  We are constantly on the go and it seems like we never get a chance to watch an entire movie or TV show, and I rarely have a chance to make a real phone call!  Sometimes life just gets in the way!  One thing could help my family be able to keep our crazy schedule and still be able to do other things we love...that one thing would be Verizon FiOS for my internet and TV!!  Several of my friends have Verizon FiOS and I am beyond jealous!  They love to rub in all the wonderful benefits they receive from Verizon FiOS!

We do not have Verizon FiOS, but if we did, we could start watching a movie at home, and finish it later...even the next day, from our computer or cell phone!!!  Can you imagine watching your favorite movie from your cell phone while waiting to pick up your kids from school?  That sounds pretty awesome to me! 
With Flex View, you can buy, rent and watch on-demand video titles on your FiOS TV, on your computer or on your mobile phone.  How cool is that?  I love the fact that with Verizon FiOS TV, my family can watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it!

Verizon FiOS internet would make my life so much easier by offering internet much faster than the "high speed" internet I currently have.  Super fast internet would be a dream come true for me!  No more waiting and praying for downloads and uploads!  This mom could breathe easier knowing that not only would my internet be fast, but it would also be safe with awesome anti-virus protection!

Did I mention FREE Video On Demand Children Shows! I'd be so thrilled to know that my daughter and little man could watch what they love on TV!  No more arguments about my daughter's favorite TV shows not being on.  No more crying because Dora has gone off!!  Peace at last!

With Verizon FiOS, my family would have the chance to play literally thousands of games!! Another PLUS!
I also love that I can DVR my favorite shows and watch them in another room!  Now I don't have to be stuck sitting in front of the TV when I need to be doing something else!  I can just record my show, and get back to it when the time is perfect for some ME time!

Another reason I would love to have Verizon FiOS is because right now I have satellite TV, and whenever it is stormy, rainy, windy, heck sometimes just cloudy, my satellite goes out and we are left with no TV service!! 
FiOS is more weather resistant and more durable than the copper phone lines or coaxial cable.  It never fails that when there is something I really do not want to miss, my satellite goes out!  Verizon FiOS would help put my mind at ease!

After reading everything about Verizon FiOS and all their great packages, I'm chomping at the bit for it to become available in my area!  I've got my fingers crossed and my eyes open for that opportunity!
What makes you interested in Verizon FiOS?

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Ascending Butterfly said...

if you do get verizon fios, please let me know what you think about it, I'm hesitant to switch from what i already have now!