Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Can Catch a Movie and Save Money at the Same Time!

Do you love movies?  I can’t wait for all the new summer releases.   Seems like there are always some blockbuster films every year that make a ton of money.  I also have a Netflix subscription, so if I miss something at the theater, I can get it through the mail shortly after it leaves the theater or even better, get it to stream online.  If you don’t have a subscription, you can get Netflix Coupons from to save on your order.  Now, if you are thinking about going out to movies, here are some other online discounts I found on their site.  First, they have several Fandango Coupons to save money when you buy your tickets in advance online.  Another idea is to click the discounted gift cards tab on MyCoupons and you will find Regal Cinemas, AMC and Lowes gift cards for less than face value.  A quick example is a $25 AMC Theatres card for $21.25.  Perfect to save money instantly on a place you are already going to go.  With the high cost of doing about anything right now, you need to save anyway you can.   Check out their site and see what savings you can find. It is the best site to start on before you make a purchase, because if you can save $5 or 15%, why not?  It only takes a quick minute of your time and maybe you will find a new business to frequent.  Good luck online and have fun at the movies.  If you see anything good, make sure to comment with your recommendations. 

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and also loves to write about saving a dollar or two, on her own site, The One Income Dollar.

This is a sponsored post,and I was compensated for it, however, I would never post anything on my blog that I didn't think was true!!

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