Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My daughter has a style that is uniquely her own!

When it comes to clothing for my teenage daughter, she has a style all her own!  I commend her for being her own person, and not feeling like she has to be a carbon copy of everyone else!  JC Penney and Socialmoms have teamed up and asked for posts that talk about our child's individual sense of style.   My daughter and I have teamed up to write this post together!
What future FBI has to say:  "Being your own person is important.  You know what you like.  Don't let others talk you into a certain look, because, "Everyone is wearing this."  If you like a certain color, by all means wear it.  You just need to remember not to get stuck in a rut wearing it all the time!  I have friends who have friends who were called "goth" because they wear black shirts.  HELLO...maybe the design they wanted was in black.  I am a Twilight fan and almost every Twilight shirt I own is in black.  It is not that I'm trying to be Gothic.  I just love Twilight.   As far as school clothes go, my jeans for school cannot have holes in them due to the dress code, but when I'm going somewhere else, I like to wear my "well loved" holey jeans.  A school dress code is something else to consider.  We can wear almost anything we want to school, with a few exceptions.  We cannot wear tank tops, cropped shirts, short shorts or skirts, baggie pants, sagging pants or pants with designed holes in them.  So, the way I display my individual style is to add accessories to my clothes.  I love wearing funky necklaces, bracelets and earrings!  It takes me a little longer to get changed for gym, because jewelry is a no-no, but that is OK with me"
"My clothing choices for church and more formal events can be dressy, but I tend to stick with comfort over flair.  I'd rather be comfortable than to look like I'm trying to impress anyone.  I enjoy dressing for very special occasions, like a formal dance, wedding, or a fancy restaurant, but otherwise, I just want to be myself.  I feel that your style should be all about what you like, and who you are.  Just be yourself and give your true style a chance to shine."
My thoughts:  I have to agree with my daughter.  Your style should be your own personal choice, as long as the clothing is not offensive.  I'm proud of her style.  It is neither dressy nor sloppy, neither sporty nor nerdy.  Future FBI's style is truly her own!

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Farrah Shumway said...

My older daughter also has her own style sense, I think its absolutely great. She always has needle s & thread available in her room she likes to make her own clothes :)