Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eco Friendly Cars of Tomorrow

As fuel costs continually rise, this can only lead to a growth in the development and popularity of electric cars that can get you from A to B at a fraction of the cost. One issue with these cars has been the cost and for eco friendly cars to be the transport of tomorrow, this is something that will inevitably improve.

Technology with regard to these eco friendly cars is improving all the time and that means that the cost will undoubtedly start to lower. In a short space of time, even new electric cars will be in the price bracket of most families and as the new vehicles begin to age, a whole newmarket of  used cars.

The eco friendly cars of tomorrow will also have made significant improvements when it comes to the battery itself. Range and longevity have long been issues for any electric cars and while a range of 100 miles may be enough to cover most domestic journeys, you will quickly have to re-charge your battery, maybe several times a week.

As the new ranges of electric vehicles are released, the battery range will have improved considerably but there will also be a rise in the amount of charging stations across the world. At the moment, it is difficult to charge your car if you are away from home and while these charging stations do exist, they are a little difficult to locate. As the market for eco friendly cars increases, there simply has to be a rise in the number of these stations just to meet demand. 

Another issue has been with the life of the battery, which has been relatively short and a replacement comes at a high price. Once again, this will improve in a very short space of time.

Perhaps the biggest development in cars that are kind to the environment will come with the actual physical size of the vehicles themselves. At present, many of these cars are aimed at the 'super mini' market and technology has meant that smaller electric vehicles have been much more prevalent thus far.

If you want evidence that there will soon be a growing market for larger, even luxury vehicles, then you only need to consider the advances made by Rolls Royce. Here you have a name synonymous with high-end luxury and many consumers could be forgiven for thinking that Rolls Royce would be the last manufacturer to consider making an electric car.

However, at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2011, the producer unveiled a prototype of their Phantom.  This was a fully electric model and showed an underlying commitment from Rolls Royce to fully explore the electric car market.

A suggested price for the electric Rolls Royce Phantom hasn't been released but it may well be prohibitive for most drivers. However, with manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Chevrolet joining the ever-growing eco friendly bandwagon, it gives you a clear indication of where this market is heading.  In the future, eco friendly cars will be cheaper, bigger and more comfortable on the inside. Their battery range and life will improve and this will all amount to a big breakthrough that sees most of us behind the wheel of cars like these.

**Special thanks to Helen P. with who created this guest post for Shelly's Bits & Pieces**

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