Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hmmm...Updates and Craziness

The last couple of days have literally been a blur.  We have been finishing up school shopping for Future FBI, and then we attended her 8th grade orientation!  My daughter begins her final year of middle school tomorrow...where does the time go?  Why they are starting on a Thursday is beyond me, but they are.  They will only go to school for 4 hours on Thursday and Friday,  but the school year will be officially underway! 

As we were out shopping on Monday, I received a call that my cousin had passed away.  He had been diagnosed with cancer about 6 weeks ago, and now he's gone.  Cancer has claimed the second male victim from my family since January(when my Papa died).  We really need to find a cure!  We are losing some wonderful people to that disease! 

On to Tuesday...while sitting at my parents home, everything started shaking and glasses rattling!  Who would have ever imagined we would be feeling an NC?  I expect the possibility when we visit Seattle, but never here!  I guess the Lord wanted to wake us up!

Hubby and I were prepping for some bathroom painting when we discovered some mold...this is certainly not a good thing.  This house was flooded in 1996 when Hurricane Fran came inland, and although it was cleaned and "certified liveable, " the entire flooring and wall structure was never removed.  After finding that mold, my hubby went on a "mold hunt" and found it in several other places!  Not good!!  We have now been instructed that we need to move.  According to my doctor, this probably is a contributor to my health problems!!  SO, things might get a little crazy over the next several weeks.  I already started packing, and I know we're gonna be crazy busy!  I promise the blog will not suffer!!  I'll make sure to keep it updated.

New reviews and giveaways are coming....I'll be putting one up this evening, after I come home from the funeral!  Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Until Next Time,
God Bless You,

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