Saturday, August 27, 2011

Know Where Your Kids Are? TracFone Can Help!

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School bells are ringing once again as the kids have gone back to school.  My daughter is now a teenager, and she is constantly on the go.  Between after school activities, basketball games and practice, and spending time with her friends, keeping track of her whereabouts can be a nightmare.  With everything on her busy schedule, I knew it was time to get her a cell phone!  I have researched so much about different cell phone, plans and coverage areas that I could literally write a master's thesis on it!  I need a reasonably priced phone, with a good coverage area, with a decent amount of minutes, at a price I can afford.  I do not want to sign a contract either!    This is when I learned about TracFones and watched videos of  real TracFone customers.

The contract on my hubby's phone is ending in October, and we are considering changing our phones over to TracFones.  We do not like the long term contracts, like the one we are currently under, because if something happened and we couldn't continue using our phone, we'd still owe a large fee for breaking the contract.  With the economy like it is today, I don't know any family that can afford that!   

We are moving soon, and although we have landline service at the moment, we are considering doing away with it and going completely to cell service.  If we all get  TracFones, we can get great calling plans at affordable prices, with no contracts, credit checks, or activation fees!  Best of all, if I can't afford my TracFone, there is no cancellation fee!!  Another thing I like about TracFone is the actual price of the phones!  Since I need a no frills phone, I can get one for under $10.  My hubby and daughter both prefer phones with so many features like built in cameras, internet browsing capabilities, and even a slide out keyboard!  I can pick up one of those phones for as little as $29.99. 

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You can learn more about what real TracFone customers have to say by viewing some of the Youtube videos!  You might just be surprised at everything a TracFone has to offer!

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Anonymous said...

We all use tracfone in my family. I love only paying for minutes once a year. We don't use cell phones often, so the minutes we buy are plenty for us. We just recharge on their website once a year and it is fantastic and easy.

twinkle at optonline dot net