Sunday, August 28, 2011

Talking Becomes Cheaper With Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I lived in a larger city, I never had problems with cell phone reception, but when I moved out here to the country, that all changed!  You could be on one side of my house and the reception would be great, but if you moved ten feet, the call would be dropped!  GRRR!  After months of having dropped call after dropped call, a new cell tower has been erected just down the road from me!

During the time of my cell phone discontent, I have been doing research on different phones, companies, and the plans that are offered.  Many plans caught my interest, but one stood out among the rest!!  The plan that grabbed my attention is Straight Talk!  Straight Talk has everything you need to get the most bang for your cell phone buck!  I love that I can save money and I can get everything I want from my cell phone without having to sign a contract!!  WOOHOO!!  Contracts are for the birds!  I can save more money per month with Straight Talk than with a cell phone plan where I had to sign a lengthy contract!  It is a no brainer!  My mom has always told me to avoid contracts, and as always, mom knows best.

Some of the things I like most about Straight Talk are:
• There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks.  (Huge plus for me!!)
• Unlimited Monthly service is only $45, and includes calls, text, picture messaging, and web.  (Great price for unlimited!!!  Perfect for my texting addicted teenager!)
• 411 calls are included at no extra charge.  (This is perfect, because it never fails that we want to make reservations at a restaurant and forget to bring their number along!)
• Reconditioned phones are available from $10.00!  (This is ideal for the frugal side of me!)
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I love the fact that with Straight Talk, I can call a friend whenever I feel like it, and I don't have to worry about extra charges for running over on minutes!!

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astroqueen67 said...

Straight Talk sounds like a great deal! I will have to check it out! Thanks for the post and review! Holly Hennessy Swint