Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wiggle Butts and the Diaper Changing Adventures

Well, I have been another blogging challenge from SocialMoms and this time they have partnered with Huggies!  My challenge is to tell you my tips and tricks for changing the diaper of a squirmy baby!   I have had plenty of experience in this area, so here are my tips!!

When I was 10 years old, I started baby sitting.  Most of the families I sat for used cloth diapers, so diaper changing was a nightmare for me.  I would often give a child a toy to hold onto while I changed them.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.  Little babies were a breeze for me to change, but my waddlers and toddlers were a nightmare.  No kid wants to stay still once they become mobile!  When disposable diapers became more prominent, changing diapers became a little easier, and less dangerous! 

Things changed a lot for me when I became a mom!  Every child is different!  Future FBI was a breeze when it came to diaper changing.  Little Man was a world class sprinter when he needed to be changed!  Now Little Bit and Princess Pickle are the perfect examples of kids that hate having to be still.  The Wiggle Butts know how to remove their diapers, and when they are wet, you will often find them streaking around the house.  When you actually get to change a diaper, sometimes you have to throw your leg across their body to keep them still.  Toys do not work!  Occasionally, Little Bit will set her sights on a necklace or Princess Pickle will see my glasses and try to grab them, but nothing comes easy when it comes to diaper time! 

A new ally for the Battle of the Diaper Change is on the horizon!  WOOHOO!  Huggies has recently released new Slip-On diapers.  These diapers are similar to Pull-On diapers for kids going through potty training, these however, are designed to do double diaper duty.  They will work like a pull-on as well as a traditional diaper. Using Huggies Slip-On diapers, I'd be much more likely to get Princess Pickle and Little Bit to stand still for a minute, instead of forcing them to lay down for a diaper change.

What are your tips and trick for the Battle of the Diaper Change? I’dappreciate any hints!!  I’m always looking for new battle plans!!

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Unknown said...

I had 6 and my only tip is to sing or play music, give them a toy, etc. I remember making them giggle too by saying P. Uuuuu, and making faces. It was always a game and kept their attention.

I know the slip on diapers would be nice to GO on, but assume to take off they still have side closure to rip off and not pull off? Nothing worse than pulling off a pullup and dragging the "stuff" down their legs...icky.