Monday, September 19, 2011


During a recent DIY painting job in our master bathroom, my hubby discovered black mold beneath he baseboards and underneath the wall paper.  The house we live in was flooded during Hurricane Fran in 1996, but it was repaired within 2 months, and deemed whole.  We have found out that not ALL of the framing, sub-flooring and walls were replaced, which is where the problem has come from.  We also found out that there is mold in the air ducts, so anytime the AC or heat comes on, we are getting inundated with the mold spores. With all that being said...We are MOVING! 

My father is a minister and my parents had been planning a move into Durham to be closer to our church and to my soon to be 84 year old Grandma.  The mold in my house has hastened their move, and we are currently in the middle of a three family moving spree.  My nephew and his wife are purchasing a new house, and are due to close the first week in October.  My parents are moving to their old house (which my brother owns), and we will move into my parents house here, which is only 7 minutes from the "mold house."  We chose to stay in the same area because our daughter is in her last year of middle school and I did not want to move her! 

I keep telling myself that this is a good move for all of us.  My parents will be closer to Grandma and the church, my nephew will move his family into a larger home, and we will move into a larger place!  Thankfully my new home will be mold free!  I had planned to get several posts up today, along with one or two new giveaways, but I'm behind due to packing.  I WILL get at least one review and one giveaway posted before I go to bed tonight!  Thanks for being such wonderful readers!

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Unknown said...

I havr a huge fear of mold. I am glad that you are able to get out with such ease. I pray that it all goes smoothly.