Saturday, December 24, 2011

Slim-Fast Shakes~Now Tastier Than Ever!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Losing weight is never an easy task.  Dieting can be considered a dirty word to many people.  My husband considers DIET to be a four letter word that he'd rather not hear.  Slim-Fast is trying to change all that.  They now have introduced their creamiest, richest, best tasting shakes ever!!  The shake flavors include French Vanilla, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Cappuccino Delight, Strawberries 'N Cream, and Rich Chocolate Royale!  These delicious flavors are available in a bottle that can be thrown in your gym bag to have whenever the mood strikes!  They are high in protein and fiber, and are wonderful to help get you through the day!SF-123-RTD-CreamyMilkChocolate.jpg

Slim-Fast now has their 3-2-1 plan which includes three healthy snacks, two Slim-Fast bars or shakes and one balanced meal!  This is an ideal way to get healthy!  The meal bars are very yummy and are a wonderful replacement to a meal.  The Slim-Fast shakes are very tasty!  I can't wait to try the Strawberries 'N Cream!  With all the holiday parties and brunches going on this holiday season, Slim-Fast is a tasty way to help you avoid packing on unwanted holiday pounds!  You can follow Slim-Fast on Facebook at

What Slim-Fast products are you most interested in trying?  Are you trying to lose weight this holiday season?  What is the hardest temptation you suffer from?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Pimp My Cube Contest~ Show Your Cube and Win!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is your work space messy?  Does it look like something out of Hoarders?  Maybe your work space is just dark and dreary with furniture from the 60's.  Technology in desperate need of an update?  If your work space has any of these problems, you should enter the Pimp My Cube Contest.

Contest Factory wants you to make them a video of your work space to show them why your area needs improvement.  Simply make a video and explain to them why they should "Pimp" your cube!  After you send in your contest video, invite your family, friends and coworkers to go vote for you!  You can even earn points by voting and commenting on other entries too! 

The contest runs from December 5, 2011 through January 31, 2012.  If you are lucky enough to be the grand prize winner, you will get your work space "pimped."  The grand prize has a total retail value of $1200!  You could win one of three prize packages to update your work space!  The prize possibilities include a new high end computer system, an entertainment package that includes a stereo and an espresso machine, or a new desk, chair and more! 

Right now, there are few entries, so get busy and enter!  Who knows, you could be the winner of the Pimp My Cube Contest and walk away with the ultimate work space!  Entering is simple.  You can upload your video on the Pimp My Cube website from your phone or webcam!  Make your submissions amusing, and show some feeling!!  Also, a second prize of a $200 gift card will be awarded to one random participant! 

What are you waiting for?  Go check out the site and enter today!  You COULD be the winner of a new "Pimped Up" work space!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dress Up Your Eyes for Christmas with Zenni Optical

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wearing eyeglasses became an everyday task for me when I was in high school.  Back then, I had these huge brown framed glasses that covered over half my face.  Later, as the styles changed, I upgraded to tinted lenses in the red Sally Jessy Raphael style.  Back then, purchasing new frames was a very costly endeavor.  Not anymore!  Thanks to Zenni Optical, having several different styles of frames has become affordable.  Zenni Optical offers cheap eyeglasses with frame prices that range from $6 to $46.  I can get lost there looking around at all the cool styles they offer! 

When I would looking around, I was thrilled to find that they offer seasonal frames for their eyeglasses.  I fell in love with many of them, but there was one pair in particular that fits my personality.  These frames have snowmen and Christmas trees on the arms of the frames!!!  Adorable?  Here is a photo.  What do you think?

My daughter and I were discussing making purchases of new glasses and we have found the ideal frames at Zenni Optical.  If I buy my frames and eyeglasses from Zenni Optical, I will save a lot of money!  My last pair of glasses cost almost $200!  I could get a comparable pair at Zenni Optical for less than $75!!  That savings could purchase lots of extra Christmas gifts!!  What frames are your favorites?  Can you imagine all the gifts you could buy with the savings?

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shutterfly Storytelling with Photo Books Review and Giveaway

Winner is:   True Random Number Generator  20 frugalmommieof2 
Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Scrapbooking has been a passion of mine for quite a long time.  I love taking the time to put just the right photos and embellishments on pages to tell the story.  I would love to have the time to put the same scrapbooks together for family members, but time and finances won't allow it!  Shutterfly offers you lots of Photo Books where you can choose the photos, page style, embellishments, and more to tell your story.  

Shutterfly’s Storytelling destination, includes tips on how best to capture your stories and memories through photo books by Shutterfly Chief Storyteller Heather Maddan. Each month features different content and December is focused on family storytelling, including tips on capturing unique holiday photos and how to tell your family’s story through pictures.

Shutterfly is packed with ideas and tips that even the novice scrapbooker or memory keeper can follow.  I love being able to choose the style I like, the backgrounds that are my favorite, and even some quotes that I can use!  If I'm in a hurry, I can click on the autofill and the computer will place the photos in the book for me!  Talk about easy!  

Want to make an 8x8 book for yourself?  You can win one by simply posting below what photos you would include in your photo book.  You can gain 2 extra entries daily by tweeting:
Win an 8x8 Shutterfly photo book at Shelly's Bits and Pieces @sleatham1

Giveaway ends 12/28 at 11:59pm. 
Disclosure:  This review was offered to me by Shutterfly in a campaign for the Family Review Network.  All opinions are my own.  No monetary compensation was received!

Zero Scale--Making Weight Your Business--Little By Little Review

Losing weight is not something that is easy to accomplish. One of the things that I have not liked about weighing on some scales is that your weight will flash up for the next person who weighs. NOT COOL! I am very private about things like that and I do not like that number being made public. I had wished for a scale that was a bit more private about such matters and my wish has been granted!

WHAT THEY SAY:   The ZERO Scale™ The original and unique scale designed to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it's to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. The advantage is that you NEVER have to see your weight again! Our scale shows small increments of gain or loss, plus the number of days since your last check and your very first check so it does all the tracking for you!

All you need to see is your "Results without the weight"! As you may have experienced, seeing your weight can derail the best of intentions to get in shape. In the past you might have worked hard on your diet or exercise programs but you still had a big number facing you. Our clients have discovered that when you ONLY see small manageable numbers of gain or loss, it's easier to stay motivated and on-track!

With the easy-to-use ZERO Scale, you can forget what you weigh (who wants to know anyways?) and start focusing on looking and feeling great.

4 User settings, plus a Guest Mode (if you must peek at your actual weight) make this the perfect scale to replace your old or overly complicated scales.

The sleek, and low profile, sturdy glass design fits beautifully into any decor. (Retail $69.95)

WHAT WE THINK:  We love the look of the scale.  It has a very sleek and modern design, and it looks nice where ever you place it!    We loved the fact that it had 4 user settings and a guest mode.  Since weight is a private matter, each person in my house can keep up with their weight without sharing the actual numbers with anyone.  In particular, I really like the fact that it records even the small weight changes.  It helps me to see when I have chosen the wrong items for my daily meals, and my weight has creeped up.  The scale is battery operated and does not take up a lot of space because it is only one inch thick!

The Zero Scale we received included a Zero Pedometer that not only counted the number of steps walked, but also the number of calories burned by the walking!  Right now, for a limited time, you can purchase the scale with the free pedometer for the promotional price of $59.95 (plus S&H) on  You can also save 15% off your first purchase when you use Code: zero at checkout.  This scale would make a unique and practical holiday gift for anyone you know who is or will be trying to lose weight in the new year.

Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network and Zero Scale who provided the complimentary product for review.  No monetary compensation was received!  All opinions are those of the Shelly's Bits & Pieces Family!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Roylco Straws and Connectors Review and Giveaway

As a kid, I loved to build things.  I remember playing with a box of Tinkertoys while I visited my great aunt.  My cousins and I would spend hours sitting in the floor building all kinds of contraptions!  When my daughter was little, I realized that she loved to build too.  Now that Little Man is at the building stage, I was thrilled for us to be offered the chance to review Roylco Straws and Connectors.  We received a box to review and Chefy and Little Man started building immediately.

Little Man was happy just putting them together to see how long he could reach!  Chefy wanted to build the rocket, but in the end, he and Little Man spent over an hour making POLES...LOL!  Future FBI decided to give them a shot during nap time, and she had a great time.  She made a bird cage, and we put a stuffed parrot in it.  Very cute!  I'll try to get the photos posted, but that particular camera is being aggravating! 

We enjoyed building all kinds of things with these straws and connectors!  I really feel that they are designed for kids 6 and older.  I have had a 4 yr old and a 5 yr old play with them, and they had more problems.  The school age kids seemed to enjoy them just as much, and had a much easier time designing things with them.  Theses are a good quality, and I was pleased that you could cut them to the length you want!  These Straws and Connectors are a great toy to have on hand to keep your kids occupied.  They make a great rainy day diversion!

Want a chance to win a set for yourself?   One lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader will win a 400 piece set for their family.  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crossword Cubes by Marina Games Family Fun on a Budget! R&G

We are a gaming family!  We love nothing more than to spend time together playing games.  We love dice games and anytime I get a chance to play a word game, I'm all for it!  Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to review a new game from Marina Games called Crossword Cubes!
The game is very simple to play, and it is compact enough to fit into your purse or bag to take with you when you travel.  This game would be the ideal thing to keep your kids occupied on that trip to Grandma's house, or where ever you are traveling to this holiday season.  The game is fun for kids of all ages, because even the youngest spellers in your family can play and can win!

Want a chance to win one for your family?  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Friday, December 16, 2011

LG Double Pay---a cool way to stay in touch!

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.

My family is finally catching up with the digital age!  I am the last person in the family who does NOT have a smart phone.  I have been researching phones and I have fallen in love with the LG DoublePlay™.  I am in love with the awesome touch screen and the slide out QWERTY keyboard!! It allows you to multi-task, so I could check email and search the web at the same time.  This would fit perfectly in my pocket or my purse!!  It has a camera and a video recorder, and it offers multiple messaging options!

With this phone, I would be able to text my hubby and friends during the day, and I could stay in touch with the people who are important to me.  I could keep in touch with my facebook friends and I can tweet with my tweeps where ever I go.  I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have the freedom to multi-task from my phone, instead of being glued to a computer screen!  The LG DoublePlay is on my Christmas list, and it would make my life so much easier.  Check out the LG DoublePlay™ and let me know what you think?  Do you think the LG DoublePlay would make keeping up with your social network easier?  How often would you use the LG DoublePlay?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chefy Says: STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment Works! #CBias #EngineLuv

Working on my vehicles is something I enjoy doing in my spare time. I am not a mechanic at all, but I like maintaining a safe running vehicle. I got the opportunity to shop for STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment from Collective Bias, and I was happy to do it. I had never used the product before, but I was interested. I'll happily try a new product if it will help the way my vehicle runs.  I made my purchase at the Walmart in Roxboro, NC.

The STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment was easy to use, I simply added it to my gas tank. I made sure to read up on the product before I used it, and here is what I learned.
Whether it’s your car, truck, boat, lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, ATV or other motorized equipment, regular oil and fuel system care is important for engines used every day and for engines used less frequently.
For Engines in Storage

STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment does not contain water absorbing alcohol like other fuel stabilizers and helps prevent many of the negative side effects that can happen when engines sit idle for long periods of time. It helps:

* Stabilize fuel
* Fight rust build up in fuel tank
* Prevent oxidative degradation in fuel
* Fight tough cold starts
* Prevent corrosion in the fuel line

For Engines in Use

Great for the fuel system, crankcase and intake, STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment helps:

* Clean engine deposits and fight friction
* Clean fuel injectors and intake valves
* Protect against viscosity build up
* Protect against crankcase sludge
* Prevent fuel line freeze by removing water
* Provide upper cylinder lubrication

Use regularly to protect and maintain all of your gas and diesel engines.
Take Note!

STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment is safe for use in all gasoline and diesel engines. Add this product to your existing STP regimen to help keep all of your engines running at their best.

My daughter was my assistant and she took the photographs for me as I added the STP to my fuel tank. This is a product that I will continue to use, not only in my vehicles, but also in my lawn mower.  You can view my Google+ post at  For more information on STP, you can follow them on facebook or twitter

Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own.  This shop was completed solely by Chefy (Mike) for Shelly's Bits and Pieces!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Chefy Says: Kringle-Spiced Pringles Cookies are yummy

Kringle-Spiced Pringles Cookies

Yield: 2 dozen sandwich cookies

Description: Description: #2Ingredients:

· 1 can Pringle's “The Original”

· 1 cup all-purpose flour

· 1 teaspoon baking soda

· 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

· 1 teaspoon allspice

· 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

· 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened

· 1 cup dark brown sugar, packed

· 1 egg

· 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

· 1 cup fruit preserves, raspberry or mixed berry

· 1/3 cup crystallized ginger, finely chopped


1. Preheat the oven at to 350 degrees and place Pringles, flour, baking soda, and spices in a food processor, and puree until the consistency of corn meal; set aside.

2. In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar until slightly fluffy.

3. Add the egg and vanilla, and mix for 30 seconds.

4. Pour the Pringles spice mixture into the bowl and mix for 1 minute; place dough in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

5. Drop by rounded teaspoon onto ungreased baking sheets, and bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown.

6. In a small bowl, combine fruit preserves and ginger (if desired, ginger is optional); spread 1 teaspoon onto a cookie, and top with another cookie. Instead of crystallized ginger can swap out 2 teaspoons of powdered ginger to the jam.

Did you know that there are many ways to reuse the empty Pringles container after your cookies are baked? Here are just a few ideas:

· Ornament Storage: The unique tube shape makes each can the perfect storage container for ornaments. Just stuff the bottom with a few pieces of tissue or newspaper and then stack the ornaments inside, placing a layer of paper between each one.

· Unique Gift Box: Wrap the can in wrapping paper and it becomes the perfect gift box for Kringle-Spiced Pringles Cookies or other hard-to-wrap gifts. Decorate with personalized stickers, ribbon, glitter and tulle to make it stand out under the tree.

· Gift Wrap in a Jiffy: Store ribbon, tape and scissors inside each can to insure you have everything you need to finish wrapping that gift. No more searching for the scissors and tape after you’ve gotten that wrapping paper perfect!

· Dinner Center Piece: Garnish the outside of the can and add festive decoration; a great kid’s arts and craft project. For a more personalized craft, fill each decorated can with homemade treats and candy and use to mark place settings for dinner guests.

· Share the Holiday Spirit: Give a can of Pringles and the Kringle recipe to encourage holiday baking as a family activity.

We received this recipe from Pringles, and I decided to give it a shot. I used strawberry jelly, and they are really good. Shelly actually prefers them without any jelly. If you are looking for something a little different, give them a try!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I received the recipe and thought I would try it and share with our readers!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Cuddle Barn Storytime Teddie Review & Giveaway

WOW! I can hardly believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! My husband and I have finished about 85% of our shopping, but there are a few key items we have yet to find. One gift that is already wrapped under my tree is The Storytime Teddie from Cuddle Barn.

This adorable Teddie recites Twas the Night Before Christmas! Here is the video to show you!

When the bear arrived, my teenage daughter was determined that it was for her. Storytime Teddie is very soft, and he wears a very cute hoodie. The bear runs off 3 AA batteries, so you do not have to run out an purchase lots of expensive odd size ones. What we loved the most is that Storytime Teddie sways from side to side and his mouth moves as he is telling the story! We placed him on the side table in the livingroom, and everyone who would walk by would make him talk! He is now boxed up and ready to delight Princess Pickle on Christmas!!

Want a chance to win Storytime Teddie? Simply enter on the Rafflecopter form below! If you do not want to wait, you can use the code BSM2011 to save 15% off your order at the Cuddle Barn Online Store.
You can follow Cuddle Barn on facebook to learn more about them!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unclogging My Holiday with Drano Snake Plus-Review & Giveaway

We have recently moved into a new home.  When we first moved into the house, we realized that our daughter's bathtub drained very SLOWLY!  There is nothing I hate more than to be standing in a tub full of dirty bath water while I'm taking my shower!  YUCK!  We tried  the plunger, but it only helped for a day or so.  

We received the opportunity to review Drano Snake Plus, so as soon as it arrived, I put my hubby to work!

Here is more info on Drano Snake Plus: 
Drano® Snake Plus is a new drain cleaning kit from the trusted drain experts that’s guaranteed to clear clogs the first time or it’s free*. Drano® Snake Plus combines an easy-to-use 18-inch flexible tool with a powerful pro concentrate gel, the most powerful gel from Drano®, which clings directly to the clog and helps dissolve it away.
Drano® Snake Plus is designed to be used on sink and shower drains and is not designed to be used on a toilet.
Drano® Snake Plus is available for purchase in the home cleaning sections of food, drug, do-it-yourself and mass-merchandise stores such as Target, Walmart and CVS and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is: $6.99.

The first thing you do is to insert the snake tool down the drain to loosen the clog.  OMG!  You would not even want to imagine the gunk that was removed from that drain.  Hair, lint, and slimy glop...nasty!  Then he poured the entire bottle of the Drano down the drain, and let it set for 30 minutes.  Next, he flushed the drain with hot water, and the drain ran freely!!!  WOOHOO!  No more yucky showers! 

Do you have a drain that needs some help?  One lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader will receive a Drano Snake Plus of their very own.  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

Preparing for Christmas with Tiny Prints

Ever since I was a small child, I looked forward to receiving Christmas cards.  There has always been something very special to me about getting a card, because it meant someone was thinking about me.  Back then, our long distance relatives would include a snapshot of their kids, so we could see how much they had grown.  We have an album full of little school photos from these cards. 

Our family tradition is to send a photo Christmas card that alternates every year between two things.  One year the photo will be of our family in front of our Christmas tree, and the next year, it will be a photo of our daughter with Santa.  Even now, at 13 years old, I will take her to see Santa...just so I can get that photo!!!  I love to get my cards made by Tiny Prints, because they have some of the most adorable designs to choose from! 

This year we chose this beautiful card, the Twinkling Night card in Navy!  I can hardly wait to order them!!  What do you think of this design?  In my opinion, when you are looking for a place to order your personalized cards, Tiny Prints is the answer!

Disclosure:  I will receive Christmas cards in exchange for my review post.  All opinions are honest and my own!  No monetary compensation was received!!

Gravy Master, Not Just For Gravy

This post brought to you by GravyMaster. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I do a lot of cooking!  He is a chef by profession, and is quite creative in the kitchen.  We love discovering new and interesting products to enhance our food.  GravyMaster can be used everyday to enhance the foods you are cooking!  It seals in the flavor and juices of meats, seafood, and vegetables, making them tastier than ever!  You can even use GravyMaster in your sauces and reductions, and when caramelizing veggies.  GM_Bottle.jpg

Master the meal and make your food stand out from all the others this holiday season.  GravyMaster does help you make delicious gravy, but there is no reason to limit the possibilities!  Use it in a glaze on your holiday ham, or mix it with some apple cider for some lip smacking pork chops.  The possibilities are endless!  

I found a delicious recipe on the GravyMaster site and I can hardly wait to try it!  These pork chops in apple cider look so yummy that my mouth waters just thinking about them! 

Pork Chops in Apple Cider

Servings: 4
Cook time: 15 to 20 minutes
Prep time: Less than 20 minutes


4 pork loin chops
2 red cooking apples, cut in thin wedges
1 large onion, thinly sliced
2/3 cup apple cider
2 teaspoons GravyMaster®
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon sage
1/4 teaspoon thyme
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place meat on platter. Cover and cook on HIGH 4 minutes. Turn chops, rotate platter and cook 5 minutes more. Remove from oven, cover, and set aside.
  2. Place apple and onion in microwave-safe bowl. Cover tightly and microwave on HIGH 2 or 3 minutes.
  3. In a small bowl, combine cider, GravyMaster®, cornstarch, sage and thyme. Stir to dissolve cornstarch and pour over apples and onions. Cook on HIGH 3 to 4 minutes, stirring several times, until liquid bubbles and thickens slightly. Pour mixture over chops. Salt and pepper to taste. If needed, microwave on HIGH 2 to 3 minutes to reheat. Makes 4 servings. Apples and cider team up beautifully with pork in this hearty dish.

Can you imagine the compliments you would receive if you cooked these up for your family?  I am giving them a try this week!  What recipes would you add the GravyMaster to?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diamond Candles Review Opportunity for Bloggers

If you have a blog, here is an awesome opportunity for you!

Diamond Candles Company would like to invite you to Review and Giveaway their Precious soy candles. Why “precious” you’ll ask? Well, each candle harbors a ring valued anywhere from $10-$100-$500-$5000 each. It’s anticipation that really gets you going! What kind of a ring am I going to unveil from the glittery pouch hidden inside the soy wax?  If you're like me, you'll be not-so patiently waiting!
The Criteria for Your Participation Are Simple.
  • This event is Free to you. Open to US only.
  • If you are to review and giveaway a product sponsored by Diamond Candles Company, you’ll need to include in your giveaway the sponsor’s Facebook and Twitter mentions, and a couple of keywords within your review.
  • If you are to participate in this campaign, Blog about this event on your blog, and link back to the blog post here.
  • Then, fill out this Form with information about your blog.
  • Once you’re approved by the Diamond Candles Company, they will ask you to confirm your mailing address for mailing products to you for review and giveaway on your blog (FYI: Diamond Candles does all mailing to the winners for giveaway.)
If you have any questions, just email: discovery4 at mac dot com

Disclosure:  No monetary compensation was received for this post.  I could receive an opportunity to review Diamond Candles for this post!  All opinions stated are my own!

Holiday Gift Guide Marina Games: Take-Out

We are a gaming family. We love to get together to play cards, video games, board games, and dice games.  We often take games with us as we travel because there are some evenings you just need to rest, or maybe a rainy day when you need something to do.  We prefer to take dice games to play, because they are not bulky, and will easily fit in your bag. 
We were offered the opportunity to review Take-Out, a dice game by Marina Games.  Here is a bit of information about the game: 
Take-Out is an exciting numbered dice game that reminds you of the old "shut the box" game but without the big, bulky box. Can you remove all the numbered dice for a score of zero? Take-Out is fast to learn and fun to play. Great to take on the road.
We really liked the fact that the game was so easy to play.  We read over the instructions and within a few minutes we were laughing as we competed against each other.  The game is the perfect size to take with you as you travel, and it is ideal for young and old alike!  The Shelly's Bits and Pieces family gives this game a THUMBS UP!  

If you enjoy playing games, or if you have someone on your gift list that does, this would be a wonderful game to purchase.  

Disclosure:  This game was received at no charge to facilitate my review.  All opinions are honest and are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family.  No monetary compensation was received!

Prepare for Winter with Teflon SHIELD Wiper Blades--Review & Giveaway

Winter is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about getting prepared for inclement weather. We always prepare our van before the worst of it starts, and this year, I am beginning my winter prep by replacing my old wiper blades with Teflon Shield wiper blades! If you have ever been in a snowstorm, or even just the pouring rain, you know how important it is to have high performing wiper blades! In my opinion, Teflon Shield wiper blades fit the bill!

Teflon SHIELD Wiper Blade Performance:
  • Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades provide a quieter wipe and longer blade life
  • All-weather performance allows greater visibility because the hinged shell helps shield the blade from snow and ice-clogging.
  • Teflon® surface protector helps protect the wiping element from extreme temperatures and significantly reduces friction - improving wear resistance.
  • Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades are engineered to conform to today’s highly curved windshields.
  • Teflon® SHIELD wiper blades are available nationally at Advance Auto Parts
For several weeks prior to receiving the Teflon Shield wiper blades to review, my husband had been thinking about going ahead and replacing our  wiper blades with some new ones.  Our old blades would not always clear off the whole area.  It would streak and squeak!  When these blades arrived, he installed them on our van, and within a few days it rained.  These Teflon Shield wiper blades seemed to fit more snugly and cleared the viewing area without the squeaking!  Even when the rain would slow, the wipers did not squeak!  We are very pleased, and the next time our wiper blades need replacing, we WILL be buying Teflon Shield wiper blades!

Want to try these for yourself?  One lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader will win a set of Teflon Shield Wiper Blades for their vehicle!  Simply enter on the Rafflecopter form!  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa's Hideout: A Safe Place for Everyone

Our family is spread out across the United States, from NC to Seattle, WA, up to NY and down to FL. Every year, I get bombarded with calls from aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents wanting to know what gifts are on the wish list! It can be so hard remembering all the things that have been added to that list, and that can stress this Mama out!

Conde Nast has made this Mama very happy, because they have created Santa's Hideout~

A SAFE, FUN, MAGICAL and completely PARENT CONTROLLED WAY to get exactly what your kids want under the tree by letting them make their list for Santa!

Here is how it works:
A parent creates an account for as many children he/she wants.  They control the access, can set limits on budget and can decide what item can/can’t be shown.
• Parents and “Santa” can then send messages of encouragement and support.  They can be anything from asking recipients to set up a registry to reminding them to take out the trash to telling them if they do well on that spelling test they can add another item to their List or can create their own message.
• In the end, the Parent is the decision maker on all items children add, and can share a registry that exceeds “Santa’s” budget, but also delete items that seem excessive or inappropriate. Parents can also set up group lists for gifts that are shared across multiple children, like that XBox 360 grandma is buying for the entire family.

I love the fact that I can have the final approval!!  This will be so much easier than trying to remember everything!!
Give it a try!  Ready to begin? Start Your List.
Friend them on Facebook, follow on Twitter (@SantasHideout) and Tumblr, or add to your Google+

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of  Santa’s Hideout. All opinions are 100% my own.

Natural House Trashy, Flushy & Sinky Review and Giveaway

A clean house is very important to me.  Since I have auto-immune issues, I strive to maintain a clean home, without causing breathing issues for my asthmatic daughter or myself.  Lots of cleaning products contains harsh chemicals that can cause my airway to tighten.  So, I try to stick with more natural products.

Natural House offered me the opportunity to review their Probiotic cleaning products, Trashy, Sinky and Flushy.  I was not sure exactly how well natural household cleaning products would work, but I was intrigued.  Natural House probiotic cleaning products brings you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentile for all of the members of your Natural House.

Here is a video that will give you a little more information about these products:

Trashy Probiotic Cleaning removes odors at their source. Use trashy in your indoor or outdoor trash cans to dissolve odors, grease and food scraps.
  • Cutting-Edge Probiotic Action
  • Convenient foaming application
  • Naturally digests odors at their source leaving a fresh botanical scent
  • Active ingredients keep odors from coming back
  • 30 DAY Supply
I was very pleased with the Trashy because it did a great job cleaning my trash cans!!  No chemical smell and non-toxic!!  I love it!!

Flushy Probiotic Cleaning packet is a powerful toilet bowl cleaner + Drain and Septic Treatment in one. Our professional strength formula cuts through stains, hard water and calcium deposits in the bowl. Our probiotics continue to consume toilet paper and waste build up in the p-trap, drain and pipes, and maintains the health of your septic system.
  • Cutting-Edge Probiotic Action
  • Convenient foaming water soluble pouch application
  • Naturally digests odors at their source leaving a fresh botanical scent
  • Removes stains, hard water rings, rust streaks leaving the water a clean, aqua blue color
  • Promotes healthy septic tank; breaks down waste
  • 1 bag lasts 30 DAYS
The Flushy is doing a great job in cleaning my toilet bowl.  Since the bathroom is Future FBI's job, she is pleased that she is not having to scrub as much, and no harsh scent either!

Sinky Probiotic Cleaning packet breaks down grease and food scraps to help prevent clogs and slow drains. Used weekly, Sinky will scour your drain and disposal driving out odors at their source.
  • Cutting-Edge Probiotic Action
  • Convenient foaming pouch application
  • Naturally digests odors at their source leaving a fresh botanical scent
  • Probiotics create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem in your drain
  • Promotes healthy drain line; breaks down grease and food waste preventing clogs and slow drains
  • Keeps dangerous food borne pathogens out of your sink
  • 30 DAY Supply
Since we started using the Sinky, we have not had any issues with clogs in our kitchen sink!  We have discovered products that work and we now believe that probiotic is the way to go!

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