Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Dare Day 10 - My Favorite Retro Toy...Tinkertoys!

When I was a small child, my great aunt took care of me while my parents worked.  She lived out in the country and most of the time I spent my days playing out in the yard or in the garden.  On rainy days, or on the days it was just too hot to be outside, I would spend HOURS playing with this wonderful container of Tinkertoys!  I loved playing with them so much.  There was so many things I could make, and I thought this was the best toy ever made. 

Years have passed since I spent those carefree afternoons designing cars and buildings with the Tinkertoys.  My great aunt has long since passed, and the much loved container no longer sits waiting for a child to pick them up.  I miss those days, but I am pleased to know that I can still purchase these wonderful toys.  I have purchased some, and I can't wait to share my love of Tinkertoys with another generation!

What is your favorite retro toy?  What special memories does it bring back?

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