Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Dare Day 11 - If my parents ever found out...

As a kid, my brother and I usually only had each other to play with.  I was the older sister, so that made me the boss...most of the time!  We would wander through the woods and look through the old empty tobacco store houses and barns that were on our property.  We would dig up fishing worms and spend hours trying to catch some fish at the pond.  When we got older, we moved to a new house and we had other kids to play with.  We would run around and ride our bikes up and down the road.  We would go to the pig pen and chase the piglets.  We were just being country kids! 

Winters in Piedmont NC can vary widely from year to year!  The can be mild, or like lots of the winters of my youth, cold!  We loved to go sledding behind our house, near the pond...right beside our neighbor's house.  Our neighbor was between me and my brother, as we were born in 1966, 1967, and 1968.  We became the "three amigos," and when it snowed, we were literally outside sledding all day!  I told you all that to get to this point...the pond would freeze over and when it had been really cold, we would test the strength of the ice by throwing a piece of wood on it, or we would sit down on the ground and pound our feet on the ice.  If we could not break it that way, we would load up our sled with cinder blocks, and we would push it down the hill and out on the pond.  If it didn't crack the ice, we would begin sledding across the pond.

If my parents ever found out that we were on that ice, they would have killed us.  OK, maybe not kill, but I'm sure we would not have been sitting down for a while.  I look back now and realize how dangerous it was, and how blessed we are to have lived through all that craziness.  I'm thankful that the ice was strong, and I hope everyday that my daughter is a lot smarter than I was as a kid!

What kind of things did you do as a kid that would have upset your parents?

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