Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Dare Day 12 - A Vacation I Hope to Take This Year

My hubby and I never took a real honeymoon, so we have been discussing taking a cruise for our 10th anniversary this year.  We had been checking out all the cruises that we could afford, and we realized that we wanted our daughter to go with us.  I know what you're thinking, if we take her, it won't be a honeymoon!  You're right!  It will be much more than just a honeymoon.  It will be a family trip that we will remember for years to come!! 

We are cruising to the Bahamas in August for 6 days!!  My hubby confirmed everything today!  Our daughter is going to flip out, because she has wanted to take a cruise ever since we saw a TV show about cruise ships.  While researching these cruises, we also found a 2 night cruise on our Anniversary....we plan to go back by ourselves then!!  I am beyond excited about this trip!!

What are your vacation plans for 2012?

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Our 365 Days said...

that's so exciting!!! my hubby is more of a "camping/woodsy" type of person then he is a cruise one...idk if he'd ever even want to go on one...