Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog Dare Day 14 - I can't believe my daughter likes...

My father is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met.  When my brother and I were kids, we had boring meals, because my mother knew that the things Daddy ate were limited.  Our meals consisted of burgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, pork chops or barbecue chicken.  My daddy does not eat rice, or anything that is remotely unusual.  Somehow, my brother and I ended up being more open minded about food.  My brother will try some different foods, and me, well, I'll try any food twice, as long as I do not have an allergic reaction to it.

If you are a Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader, you already know that I am married to a chef.  Chefy will eat ANYTHING...except dill pickles and boiled okra.  We encourage our daughter to try everything, and I'm thrilled that she actually adores ALL veggies and fruits.  She doesn't have any food allergies, so she can try things with her dad.  We all went out for Oriental food one afternoon, and they had a sushi bar.  My hubby brought back two of everything they offered, and our daughter inhaled it!!  She considers sushi to be her favorite food.  She also loves calamari, smoked salmon, boiled okra, and crab legs.  I can't believe that she likes all these foods!  It is such a blessing having a child that will eat anything...WOOHOO!

What kinds of things do your kids eat that shocks you?

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