Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog Dare Day 2 - A look back at 2011....

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Looking back is always filled with a mixture of happiness and sadness.  Life is filled with these moments that define who we are.  One word that could describe my 2011 would be TRYING!  My family went through lots of trials last year, and we are praying that 2012 brings us happiness and peace!

OUR 2011 at a glance...

JANUARY:  We lost Papa to cancer on the 25th.  This was one month after it was found! We still miss him everyday!
Last photo of PaPa & our daughter

MARCH:  My hubby, CHEFY turned 36! 

JULY: Our baby girl turns 13!! I can hardly believe I have a teenager...but I do!
 We found BLACK MOLD in July too, but having a teenager trumps mold anytime!

SEPTEMBER:  I turned 45....WOW! (And we started moving...ugh)
OCTOBER thru DECEMBER:  Between moving into our new place and cleaning out our old one, I got sick.  I had numerous health issues during these three months!  Also, we lost my Great Aunt Sarah on the 29th of December...and added a new family member when Pistol was born on the 30th!
What did your 2011 look like?  With a blessing being born to end our year, I'm anticipating an exciting 2012!


Our 365 Days said...

Great post!! check out my look back:

RaeBeth McGee-Buda said...

Wow, you had a hard year. I wish you a year filled with happiness and peace for 2012. I must say taking the year out with a new baby would be great. We, on the other hand brought the year in great and it went out with heart break. My brother-n-law lost his mother on 12-30 due to Lung Cancer. I brought the New Year in with a cold. Grrr. So, I really hope 2012 hold more for me as well. Thanks for posting.