Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Dare Day 5 - Something lost...

2011 was a rough year for my family, since we lost my Papa on January 25th.  I have written about that loss several times, so I am going a different direction with this post.  As you know we found black mold in our house last year.  This is where my post begins.

I moved into our old house after leaving an abusive 1st marriage in 2001.  In 2002, when my hubby and I got together, it became our family home and we started remodeling it to meet our needs.  We had painted, put new flooring down, and done landscaping to beautify our new home.  We planted a tree the day we got married, to commemorate the day we became a family.  The door on the master bathroom had lines on it which signified how my daughter had grown.  The rose bushes in the yard were planted as Mother's Day gifts and the flower beds that were gifts from my hubby and daughter became the final resting place of numerous frogs, fish and even a hamster, who passed on while we lived there. 

There is a 12 foot tall magnolia tree in the front yard that we planted on our daughter's first day of school.  It was less than 2 feet tall when we planted it.  It grew as she did, and each year, we took a picture of her beside her tree on the first day of school.  A "dwarf" peach tree is growing there on the left side of the yard, next to the driveway.  This tree produced thousands of delicious peaches during the last 9 years. 

The black mold cost us a lot more than just our home.  All the reminders of how our family had grown during that time are no longer visible to me everyday.  I carry the memories with me in my heart, and in photos.  I am still sad...I'm sad that we had to move away from our first home.  As we strive to make our new house a home, I still think about what we had to leave behind.  Something lost...our first family home, but the memories remain!

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