Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Dare Day 9 - I never thought I'd find this in my child's room...

This is such a strange prompt to me, because nothing that I find in my daughter's room surprises me...anymore.  

The only thing I could think about was how my brother used to live in a disaster area and my mother would only go into his room when we were running low on dishes in the kitchen.  My brother would have plates, utensils and cups in his closet, under his bed, and sometimes even in his dresser!  YUCK.  We used to say that he was growing his own penicillin!  I was the neat freak who could tell if someone had moved a book on my bookcase.  I could not stand my brother's mess! 

My daughter is not a neat freak, but she is not quite like my brother.  She brings out her dirty clothes each week, and she brings her dishes back before bedtime every day.  We have a humanine(Shih Tzu) and 2 humalines(our cats), and they leave their toys in her bedroom...and once our female kitty brought a field mouse into the room, but we quickly removed it.  After a lot of thinking, all I could come up with is...before we moved, I found a half empty bottle of gatorade under my daughter's bed.  When I looked at it, the liquid was thick and hairy(mold).  The gatorade was out of date by 6 months, so I have no idea how long it had been there.  It quickly found its way to the trash can!  Now, the house rules state that all floor areas must be checked weekly...no more surprises for me!

What kinds of things do you find in your child's room?

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