Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Favorite California Grape Smoothie

Right now, fresh and delicious California grapes are just coming into season.  In fact, California-grown grapes account for 99% of all the grapes sold in the US!  My family loves fruit.  As a matter of fact, we eat more grapes than most any other fruit!  Our favorite grape snack would  be our mixed grape smoothie!   The smoothie is so simple to make and it is very delicious!

The ingredients you need are:
  1. 1 quart of PLAIN yogurt (we use non-fat)
  2. Apple or grape juice (or both)
  3. California Seedless Grapes (any color)
We wash then freeze the grapes for at least an hour, then we mix in our yogurt and some frozen grapes into a blender. (How much you use is up to you.  It depends on how many you are feeding)  Slowly add your juice as you blend to the consistency you are happy with!!

This is wonderul on hot days and has been a crowd pleaser this summer!

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Disclosure:  I received a cookbook and $10 to purchase grapes from the California Grape Commission from the Family Review Network!  The recipe is my own and no other compensation was received.  However, if I am lucky, my recipe could win!

**Please note there is no photo because our camera is not working and our new one has not arrived**

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Smoothie Maker said...

Honestly have never tried grapes in smoothies before, but it definitely works. Thanks for opening my eyes! I tries few varieties of grapes and red seedless make most delicious smoothies in my opinion.