Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Go Back to School with Luden's and Chloraseptic

The school year has started, and it is joined by coughing, sneezing and sore throats!  If your household is like mine, you have probably already had these complaints from your children.  My daughter and I suffer from a lot of allergies which means scratchy throats.  At night time, our sinuses drain down our throats and some mornings we have a hoarse voice and a sore throat.  It happens every year, but this year we were given the opportunity to try out some wonderful Luden's new Moisturizing Drops and the Chloraseptic's new Warming Sore Throat Spray!

Since my daughter sings in the chorus at school, it is important that her throat is healthy.  She was very pleased with the Luden's Moisturizing drops, because it kept her throat moisturized even through the longest practice.  While her allergies are acting up, morning brings a sore throat.  My daughter uses a couple sprays of the Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray and it soothes and warms up her throat.

Information about Chloraseptic:  Chloraseptic’s® new Warming Sore Throat Spray, referred to as “hot tea on the go,” is the latest innovation to America’s #1 line of throat pain relief staples.  Like all Chloraseptic® products, it provides immediate relief of sore throat discomfort, with the added benefit of a warm and soothing feeling. 
The Chloraseptic® line of sore throat sprays helps to soothe and relieve throat pain on contact.  The new warming spray, available in popular Honey Lemon flavor, is sugar-free. In addition to the warming ingredients, the new formula contains phenol, which helps ease the pain and temporarily relieves irritation. New Chloraseptic® Warming Sore Throat Spray is available in a 6 fl. oz bottle with a suggested retail price of $6.25.

Information about Luden's:  New Luden’s® Moisture Drops have a great-tasting formula that will soothe the dryness and discomfort associated with dry mouths, while easing everyday throat irritations.  Luden’s is famous for temporarily relieving minor throat discomfort; the newest addition to the Luden’s® line hydrates the mouth with a delicious, mouth-watering Kiwi-Strawberry flavored lozenge. Luden’s® Moisture Drops work with a unique “HydroAction” formula to moisten dry mouths, a common problem that affects everyone at one time or another. 
Luden’s® Throat Drops are available in 14-count packs with a suggested retail price of $.99, and bags of individually wrapped drops for $1.79.   The new Luden’s® Moisture Drops are available in a 20-count bag at a suggested retail price of $1.79.

Thanks to the addition of these new products, we are not suffering as much this allergy season.  My daughter can continue to sing and enjoy her high school days without suffering from a sore throat or a dry mouth!    Do your children suffer from allergies and sore throats?

Disclosure:  No monetary compensation was received for this post, but I did receive samples for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family.  The information in purple was supplied to me by the sponsor!

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