Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

My obsession with couponing began when I was in high school.  Several of our local stores would offer a double coupon day, so I would gather together the coupons from my grandparent's Sunday paper and start clipping.  That was back in 1983, and things have only gotten better since then!  I still take the coupons from my grandma's paper, and now I get my own, as well as online coupons and e-coupons.  As you know, my Daddy passed away in February, and my desire to do my normal things vanished.  Well, I've had my daddy on my mind and I realized it was time to get back to normal.  Daddy would want it that way.  He always loved to hear about my shopping trips, and what goodies I got for him.

Harris Teeter was running super doubles this week, which means they will double any coupon up to a $2 face value.  My mind started racing, and with limited time, I got together some coupons and ideas for my trip.  Hot Coupon World is a huge help for me because other shoppers share their finds, and we can help each other!  Harris Teeter was out of a lot of things, but I was happy with what I did get.  Here is a picture of what I got...
My trip was broken into two orders and my hubby used my mom's card for one of them.  The first order included:
(4)  StayFree Maxi pads
(2)  Oikos Yogurt Singles
(1)  Simply Pure Milk
(1)  Stoneyfield Squeezers Yogurt Sticks
(1)  32oz Stoneyfield Yogurt
(1)  Herbal Essences Shampoo
(1)  Ocean Spray Sparkling 4pk
(1)  Jello Mix Ins Pudding
(1)  Kashi Layered Granola Bars
(1)  Hormel Compleat meal

Total on mom's card after coupons was $0.94 (we did have some free item coupons too)

My order included:
(1)  Hormel Compleat meal
(1)  HT Sandwich Bread
(1)  Simply Potatoes Hashbrowns
(1)  Simply Pure Milk
(1)  Tropicana Pure Premium OJ
(1)  Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix 
(2)  Bush's Grilling Beans
(1)  Chicken of the Sea Tuna
(1)  Starbucks Refresher
(4)  StayFree Maxi Pads
(1)  Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade
(1)  Dz Davidson Eggs
(1)  Al Fresco Sausage
(2)  Mahatma Yellow Rice
(2)  Honest Tea
(1)  Ortega Fajita Mix
(1)  Teas Tea
(1)  Wholly Guacamole
(1)  Cheerios
My total after coupons was: $3.52!  (I had a few free item coupons too)

I feel like my old self again!  You can expect more good deal alerts and posts about my shopping trips!
Do you coupon?  What is the best you have ever done on a shopping trip? 

Disclosure:  Just sharing my good deals!  No monetary compensation was received from ANYONE for this post! 

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