Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking a Meno-Pause with Poise

When I was twelve, my mother started having hot flashes.  I thought it was hilarious, because it could be snowing outside and she would be sweating.  Never did it occur to me that since she started with menopausal at 32, I would do the same.  Fast forward twenty nice winter afternoon, I had my first hot flash!  UGH!  When I mentioned it to Mama she informed me that it made sense to her because my grandma, Mama, and my aunt all started with symptoms at, believe it or not, 32!  That was 14 years ago, and I am still experiencing symptoms!
September is Menopause Awareness Month!  I am very pleased to be able to make you aware of that fast and also to give you a little information.  We all can remember the birds and the bees talk (puberty) our parent's gave us, but no one really told us about menopause!  It is time for that 2nd talk!  Menopause commonly begins between the ages of 40 and 58, BUT some not so lucky women do start menopause earlier.  (ME!)  If you ask your mom when her symptoms began, you should have an idea for yourself!  Symptoms of menopause include:
  1. Mood Swings
  2. Decreased Sex Drive
  3. Hot Flashes
  4. Sweating
  5. Racing Heart
  6. Headaches
  7. Vaginal Dryness
  8. Trouble Sleeping
When I read over the list I had to laugh because I have had all the symptoms, well, to some degree anyway!  Since you never know when a hot flash will occur, it's not easy to hide from others!  I usually end up "flashing" during Church or while checking out at the mall!  Talk about some looks!!  My face turns bright red and I am sweating like a pig.  My hubby tells me I look guilty...I wonder what everyone else thinks?

After all the sweating, I was offered the opportunity to try out some Poise products that can help us ease these symptoms.  WOOHOO!  When I learned about the Poise Feminine Wellness products, which are carried by Walmart, I hopped online to learn more about it!  You can also print a coupon there!  When my hubby came home, we headed out to pick up the products!  My Walmart had coupons on the shelf to save $1 off 2, which was perfect for me since I forgot to print one at home.  I purchase the four products our Walmart carried!
You can learn more about my shopping experience by clicking HERE!

I planned a Meno-Pause party for Thursday, but it was moved to Friday.  Then on Friday, several friends could not attend, so today, we took the party to my friend!  Mama, my BFF, my daughter and I went out to eat at TGI Friday's and enjoy our break!  We opened each of the products and everyone had to smell and feel each of them.  And then, as if on cue, I had a hot flash!   OMG, I love that body cooling gel!  My daughter thought the products were amusing, but she was glad to see something help cool me off!  My mom and my BFF snagged the cooling towelettes from me, and both have been using them!  We had a blast having the 2nd TALK!  We all know a little more, and my teenage daughter now is prepared! 
Want to know more?  Join the Poise 2nd Talk Twitter Party on Thursday, September 20th at 1:00 PM EST. Simply RSVP here to have a chance to win $100 spa gift cards and $50 Walmart gift cards.
My Mom at the party
Me & BFF at party
My Daughter & My BFF

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