Friday, November 30, 2012

Printcopia Review and Giveaway

We take a lot of photographs in our family.  We are scrapbookers and enjoy putting our photos and their stories in books to share with future generations.  My favorite photos are usually enlarged and placed in frames on the wall, but certain special ones are put on canvas and displayed for everyone to see. is a very easy to use website where you can put your photos on canvas and share with generations to come.  They offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles that will make anyone happy this Christmas.  We had an 11x14 canvas made of one of my favorite photos of my mom and my daughter.  They loved this shot so it was an easy choice.  I know my mom will flip when she opens her gift on Christmas and finds this beautiful canvas.

Printcopia offers some unique gift ideas for any of your loved ones.  They are perfect for the grandparents who live far away, or for anyone you want to make smile.  The quality of this canvas top of the line and we  are thrilled with it.  For that very reason, it made my Holiday Gift Guide for 2012!

Want to win one of your own?  The nice people at Printcopia are offering one lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader an 11x14 canvas of their own.  Entering is simple.  Enter on rafflecopter form below.

Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park For Nintendo DS and 3DS Review

Christmas is right round the corner and the little gamers out there are all begging for the newest games.  There are lots of new products on the market, but one that has caught my attention is Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park.

About it:  Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park takes fans on an exciting journey into a new Moshi universe. The game invites players to explore wondrous locations as they work to rebuild the legendary Moshlings Theme Park. 
Fans can uncover secret codes online at, which will unlock special areas and content on both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS systems. By achieving high scores in the DS game kids can also unlock exclusive content online at  Users of the Nintendo 3DS can interact with other Nintendo 3DS players via the StreetPass™ feature and play cool games to bring the Moshlings to life in a whole new dimension. Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park marks the first time fans can interact with beloved characters via 3D technology.
Jam-packed with exclusive content, Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park also introduces fans, for the very first time, to “Furnando”, a brand-new Moshling character.  He is just one of 60 Moshling characters that take part in this thrilling journey to get the theme park back on track!  In addition, every new Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS game comes with a free week-long membership to and a redeemable code so users also can interact with their new Moshling on the Moshi website.
Moshi Monsters™ is an interactive social online world for kids aged 6-12 years, combining adoptable virtual pet monsters with online gameplay. With engaging puzzles, stories, and exciting missions, the Moshi Monsters™ world is an ever-growing success story with books, magazines and toys to name just a few of the available monster offerings.

My thoughts:  I love the premise of the game.  The characters are fun and the missions are exciting.  I also love that when you achieve high scores, you unlock exclusive content.  It is now available at retailers across the country, including Toys ‘R’ Us, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Gamespot to name a few.  It is a much requested game, because the 4th & 5th kids I tutor have told me it is on their lists.  I highly recommend the game and that is why it made my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of the game to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family.

Carmex Lip Conditioner Review

I have been a Carmex Blog Squad member for almost two years and I am always thrilled to find out what new and interesting products Carmex has come up with.  Recently I received a package that contained 2 Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioners to try out.  With the colder weather beginning to funnel into North Carolina, my lips were in need of some help!

The first thing I noticed about the Lip Conditioner was the consistency of it.  It comes out of the little tube more like a lotion than the lip balms I usually use, but I liked it.  It went on smoothly and it did make my lips feel really nice. That's because it also contains 13 moisturizers to help make your lips feel soft and kissable!  My favorite thing about it is the flavor....ORANGE!  Such a nice change from the normal cherry or strawberry.  I honestly found myself licking my lips to begin with, because the flavor was new to me in a lip product.

My teenage daughter gave it a try as well.  She was having issues with some chapped lips and she really preferred the lip conditioner to get her lips back to normal.  She has asked for me to get her more for Christmas too.

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner is an ideal stocking stuffer.  If you get your own, stop back by and let me know what you think about it.  Wishing you all a happy holiday season.

Disclosure:  I received free product to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are honest and are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Chef's Planet NonStick Ovenliner Review

We are a foodie family for sure.  I have always loved to cook and I learned how by watching my great grandma and also my daddy.  My family would depend on me to cook lasagna when our extended family would come over for Christmas.  Cooking was always MY thing...until I married a chef.  I must admit that I love being married to a chef.  He does most of the cooking, but I still get to enjoy myself and whip up some family favorites, especially this time of year. 

It never fails that whenever I clean my oven, I will bake something the next day that will spill over into the bottom.  In the past, people suggested placing foil in the bottom of the oven, which I do not recommend.  Well, I found a Nonstick Oven liner by Chef's Planet that works wonderfully and I do not have to worry about spills messing up my oven any more. 

What exactly is an Ovenliner? Well, it’s a time saver. A drip blocker. A crumb catcher. A spill protector. A burnt food guard. It’s your nonstick secret to never having to clean the bottom of your oven again. The Chef’s Planet Ovenliners makes life in the kitchen easier. While you cook, they collect; shielding the bottom of your oven from splatters, spills and overall mess. Made for standard ovens, toasters and microwaves too.
What are the Chef's Planet Ovenliner and Bakeware liners made of? Chef's Planet Ovenliners and Bakeware Liners are made of PTFE coated fiberglass. PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene and is a patented nonstick surface. This coated surface (PTFE) is generally known to the public by DuPont's brand name Teflon.

 Things to love about Chef's Planet nonstick ovenliners
• Commercial-grade thickness
• Reusable on either side
• Fits ovens up to 30" (76cm)
• May be trimmed to fit smaller ovens
• Dishwasher safe for simple clean-up
• Proudly made in the USA

 This oven liner is very easy to use.  Simply place the liner on the lowest rack of your oven.  Do not place it on the oven floor.  You can place the item you are baking directly on top of the liner without worry too.  The food will cook as evenly with it in place as it would without it, but having the Chef's Planet nonstick oven liner in place will keep your oven clean!  Clean up is a breeze too.  You can throw the liner into the dishwasher or wash it in warm, soapy water, and wipe dry.  This would make a wonderful gift for the foodie or cook in your life.  This is the reason it made it into the 2012 Shelly's Bits & Pieces Holiday Gift Guide!

From October 29 through December 31, you cab submit a one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering recipe to the Chef's Planet Facebook Contest page. They are seeking recipes that drip, crumble and spill… recipes that leave your kitchen screaming for a cleaning, but your family and friends begging for more.  Submissions should include an original recipe – one you created – and a photo of your delectable masterpiece. Submit main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. If you have a personal story pertaining to your recipe, they would love for you to share it.  The prizes are: 
Grand Prize
Chef’s Planet® will select 10 winning recipes to be featured in the special edition 10th anniversary cookbook.
Additionally, the 10 finalists will receive a Baking Basket from Chef’s Planet®, including our Nonstick Ovenliner, Universal Nonstick Bakeliner and Ovenglove.
2nd Prize
Chef’s Planet® will also select 10 runner-up recipes to be featured in the special edition 10th anniversary cookbook.
The 10 runner-ups will receive a Gadget Basket from Chef’s Planet®.


We love knowing that our oven will stay clean while we bake to our hearts' content this holiday season.  Do you have someone who would benefit from the Chef's Planet nonstick oven liner?  

You can follow Chef's Planet on Facebook, twitter or youtube

Disclosure:  I received product to facilitate my review.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are honest and are those of the Shelly's Bits & Pieces family! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blair Candy

I love candy, and when I found Blair Candy online, I thought I was in heaven. There are so many different kinds of candy that the company sells that it is hard to decide what to order. I enjoy looking through the holiday candy because it reminds me of being at home when I was little and searching through my Christmas stocking. The store sells a lot of the newer candy that is on the market, but it also sells candy that I have not seen in years. There are a few different ways that I can search for candy on the site. I like looking at the different candy colors because there are too many different brands to look through. One of the things that I have ordered is the candy box. I chose 24 various candy bars, and they were shipped in one large box. I was able to choose the same things instead of getting 24 different items. My children like looking at the old types of candy like fireballs, Clark bars and Mallo Cups. The prices are great, and the quantities that you get last for quite a few weeks if you don’t eat a lot at one time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

eFavorMart Review

You can spend a considerable amount of time planning the perfect wedding. There are numerous details that require your attention, but you also must make decisions that will help you to keep your wedding within an established budget. The fact is that the d├ęcor of your reception area is a key area that you may want to focus a significant amount of your wedding funds on, but it also is an area where you may be able to save the greatest amount of money. There is nothing more beautiful than an elaborately decorated table, and you certainly don’t want to skimp and give your wedding reception tables an incomplete look. However, you may be able to find gorgeous centerpieces on a budget when you shop online at eFavorMart. This is a fabulous resource that you can put to use to conveniently shop for gorgeous centerpieces on a dime. Whether you are planning a tropical themed wedding, a modern wedding or any other theme or style, you can easily search the many options available to find the perfect centerpieces for your reception tables. To stay on budget, you can consider making a list of the options that you like best. Then, compare the prices of those centerpieces to find the most affordable option. These options can be placed alone on the table with your linens and dishes, or they can be used with tulle or other garnishes to create a dramatic effect. Take time to explore the options available through eFavorMart today.

Calypso Studios Review

My daughter and I love wearing all kinds of jewelry and recently we were given the opportunity to try some beautiful bracelets from Calypso Studios.  They have so many beautiful things to choose from and I was excited that they even had a bracelet in orange, which is my daughter's favorite color.
One of the things we noticed and liked immediately was the button type closure.  It was much easier to hook together than those tiny clasps!  The bracelet was of great quality and we were very pleased with how sturdy it was.  This bracelet was worn everyday until it, along with some other pieces of her jewelry were taken.
This wrap bracelet was also one of our favorites.  We love the fact that it is hand crafted and it closes with their signature metal toggle clasp!  These bracelets and the other items at Calypso Studios make wonderful Christmas gifts for ladies of all ages!

About Calypso Studios: 
After spending years as a salesperson and as the owner of a sales representative group, Calypso Studios president Ed Lawrence decided to take on a different venture in 2007. Ed and his wife, Kathy, started up Calypso Studios with the goal of offering affordable gifts and fashion accessories for souvenir and resort locations.

Six years later, Calypso has seen great growth and success with many of its products, which are now available in over 2,500 retail locations across the country. The company's on-trend designs appeal to a variety of demographics, lending them to succeed in numerous types of stores. Calypso products can be found in gift shops, hospitals, bookstores, school/college stores, amusement parks, and more.

 Their most popular collections include:
- Bendi-Bandz Wire Headbands- Available in 14 trendy patterns and retailing at $5.99
-  Wrap Bracelets- Over 150 styles with retail between $4.99 and $19.99
-  Comforting Clay Gifts- Cross, heart, butterfly, and ladybug keepsakes in hand-held, pocket size, key clip, and bookmark styles
-  Impulse Collections- Clay or shell pieces with low cost and high margin
-  S.H.O.P. Totes- Start Helping Our Planet with our reusable shopping bags.

You can find out more about Calypso Studios by visiting their website. 
Like them on Facebook!
Follow them on Twitter!

Disclosure:  We received items at no cost to facilitate our review.  All opinions are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces Family.  No monetary compensation was received!

Gifts for Tweens and Teens for Under $25

My teenage daughter and I have had several discussions about what should be in this list.  She is not going with the obvious choices entirely!  Here are a few of her ideas:

Take Me Home CD by One Direction

Rhinestone Bracelet from Calypso Studios
Live, Love, Dream Fragrance by Aeropostale

Remington Pearl Ceramic Ultimate Curling Wand

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips



This is her top 5 gift ideas under $25.  They are easy to find and are sure to make your teen or tween smile!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

WOW!  I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!  This year has flown by and it is now time for my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.  There are so many wonderful gift items out there, I will be trying to list as many as I can and offer descriptions and reviews on them too. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

SAFESKIN Kids Review and Giveaway

Like most homes with children, we get our share of cuts, scrapes and boo-boos!  I was never really too freaked out about germs until my hubby was in a wreck six years ago.  To make a long story short, he ended up with a MRSA infection and almost lost his leg.  No one warned us about it then, but I came in contact with it and my doctor calls me a carrier now.  I over clean wounds!  We are very careful to clean wound and apply antibacterial ointment, but when my daughter was away with some friends two years ago, they were not diligent in that!  She got a bug bite that ended up as a MRSA infection.  I sure wish we knew about SAFESKIN Kids back then!  SAFESKIN Kids is a long lasting protective barrier for applying to minor cuts, scrapes, burns and creates a barrier for MRSA — up to 48 hours!
  • Trusted by Hospitals
  • Barrier to MRSA
  • 48 Hour Antibacterial Protection
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Non-greasy for stronger bandage adhesion 
SAFESKIN is made by Kimberly-Clark who has been a trusted brand of quality medical products for 30  years!!  
We tried out the SAFESKIN Kids and were very pleased to find out that it really was non-greasy and that it kept the wound from adhering to a bandage.  I also used it on an ankle scrape, and within 2 days, I could tell a big difference.

SAFESKIN is available at select Walmart stores.  You can click HERE to print a $1 off coupon!  Want to give it a try?  One lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader will win a tube!  Simply enter on the rafflecopter form below!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Girlfriend Pampering with NIVEA #NIVEAmoments

My closest girlfriends and I spend most of our time doing things for our children.  We run here and there before and after school to make sure they can be all they want to be.  I was offered the opportunity to host a pampering party for some of my friends and everything was well planned.  My husband, Chefy, decided he would cook dinner for us while we watched a "Chick Flick," tried out the NIVEA, and had our nails painted.  You can find out more about my shopping experience by clicking HERE.

Chefy and I headed over to our local Sam's Club to get some snack items, ingredients for the lasagna and also our NIVEA.  We found everything we were looking for and headed home.  Once we made it home, we started preparing for the arrival of our guests.  I sat out the NIVEA on our table so the ladies and I could start lotioning up before we watched out movie.
As we waited for our guests, we received 4 phone calls declining the invitation because of illness.  We decided to go through with the party and even got the hubby's involved.  I rubbed my little sister's hands and my daughter's hands with the NIVEA.  My Sis, P, thought the scent was appealing, and not overwhelming.

My daughter, Kat, thought the scent should be fruitier, or a little more "today."
The thing that they agreed on was that the NIVEA left  their hand feeling a little greasy.  P's were worse than Kat's were, but I think we might have used too much lotion.
You can see that P's hands are really shiny!
Although not as shiny as her aunt's, Kat's hands are still shiny.

We all used the NIVEA on our feet and we LOVED it!  Our feet felt so much softer and they soaked in the moisture.  None of us wanted our feet photographed, but we all agreed that we would continue to use the NIVEA on our feet.

We finished out our pampering by watching The Vow, eating a lasagna dinner, and getting our nails polished.  I was disappointed by the attendance, but it is the time of year for colds and the flu.

If you want to learn more about NIVEA, you can follow them on Facebook  or on Twitter

Disclosure – I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been
compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Beiersdorf for NIVEA. All thoughts and opinions are honest and belong to the Shelly's Bits and Pieces family. #NIVEAmoments #CBias #SocialFabric

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway


Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!

The following blogs have come together and helped make this event possible, a special thanks to:

If you've been entering our monthly Have It Your Way Giveaway you know how it works.  This giveaway is better, we have lots of awesome prizes, but before we get started!

We have several fabulous sponsors that I would like to introduce you to!

Pink Ninja Media

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog.  Not long after Jenn has a decided to get the ball rolling with Pink Ninja her wonderful friends Raegan from Contest for That, and Bobbie from Dishin' with Rebelle joined the fun. Together we make one pretty awesome team, connecting great bloggers with fabulous brands. If you're a brand looking for help with your brands campaign, be sure to check out Pink Ninja Media.  You'll find some of the best bloggers in the blogosphere to help you with your blogs campaign.

Maggies Bags:


When it comes to keeping her promise to being green, nobody does it better than Maggies Bags!  Maggies Bags uses genuine automotive seat belt webbing that's used to protect you while driving.  She uses the high-quality material and turns it into something beautiful that's eco-friendly.  She creates the lovely bags you'll find at Maggies Bags.  Maggies Bags have been featured on TV, in print and online.  You'll never find another handbag as unique and eco-friendly as Maggies Bags.  

Maggie Bags has an awesome discount set up...  Don't want to wait, will these fabulous bags make an amazing gift for you ore someone you care about?  Maggie Bags is offering 25% OFF their Premier Line!  It's valid through Dec. 16, 2012!  To get the awesome 25% DISCOUNT ENTER CODE WhatChaWant

Ball + Chain

Ball + Chain allows members to name their prize on jewelry & accessories.  Ball + Chain jewelry and accessories are available for purchase every Jewelry + accessory auction held every Tues. at 8pm CST via their Facebook Page.  Join them now as they have some pretty awesome plans to expand their website into an amazing online boutique.  You're going to want to "Like" their Facebook page to stay up to date with some of the best deals and steals around.

About Aloha Vintage Jewels

set of 2 marbelized bead necklaces, blue, green, purple and pink

If you're looking for amazing Vintage Jewelry from Circa 1950 to 1980 you're going to love Aloha Vintage Jewels.  There's some fabulous, unique, and super original pieces of jewelry at Aloha Vintage Jewels.  Jewelry has never been owned or worn.  It's been in stock since the 80s.  You're going to want to follow Aloha Vintage Jewels via Facebook for their Monthly Giveaways, and fabulous jewelry

Okay so here's how this is going to work, there's several great prizes.

  1. $250 Winner's Choice - Anything you want valued up to $250 (shipping must be included in amount final prize amount of $250)

  3. $200 Winner's Choice to Maggie Bags - Winner chooses any product from Maggie Bags valued up to $200.

  5. $100 Winner's Choice to Maggie Bags - Winner Chooses any product from Maggie Bags valued up to $100.

  7. $50 Winner's Choice to Aloha Vintage Jewels - Winner chooses anything from Aloah Vintage Jewels valued up to $50.

  9. $50 Amazon Gift Card - Winner will have additional choices depending upon where winner lives.

  10. Giveaway will run from 11/10/12 at 12:01am EST till 12/11/2012 at 12:01am EST.  Must be 18 or older to enter, and event is open Worldwide.  For full rules on giveaway, please visit Jenn's Blah Blah Blog.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

     Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this event, nor am I responsible for shipping prize to winner.

    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    Energizer Batteries & Daylight Savings Time Giveaway

    As you know, Daylight Savings Time ended on November 4th.  We were all able to gain an extra hour of sleep that night.  My sleep was made easier that night because I knew I had changed the batteries in my smoke alarms.  I knew my family would be warned in case of emergency, and I slept so much better!

    The beginning and ending of Daylight Savings Time offers us the ideal reminder to change those batteries.  This year marked  the 25th anniversary of the annual Change Your Clock Change Your Battery®program.  Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) worked with local fire departments nationwide to raise awareness on the importance of working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in helping to keep families safe in their homes.  Did you know that thirty-eight percent of fatal fire injuries occur in homes with no smoke alarms and 24 percent occur in homes in which at least one smoke alarm is present but fails to operate, frequently due to dead or missing batteries.  WOW!  

    We take precautions in all the other areas of our lives, why would we forget something as simple as making sure our smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors had working batteries?  The wonderful people at Energizer gave me this awesome Family Safety Kit complete with a reusable grocery tote containing:
    ·         One 2-pack of Energizer® MAX® Batteries (9v) with Power Seal Technology – Dependable, powerful performance for the devices that help keep your family safe; now hold their charge when stored for up to 5 years
    ·         One Energizer® Flameless Wax Candle – Enjoy the realistic flicker of a scented wax candle without the worry of open flame or hassle of soot and dripping wax
    ·         One Energizer® Weatheready® Safety Light – Waterproof flashlight powered by AA, AAA or C cell batteries; includes safety whistle and imprinted preparedness checklist
    ·         One Kidde Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm

    Want to win a Family Safety Kit of your very own?  One lucky Shelly's Bits and Pieces reader will win!  Fill out the simple rafflecopter form below.  

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sweepstakes to Enter!!

    Enter to win a Breaking Dawn Part 2 Prize Package that includes dinner and a movie for four and exciting Twilight merchandise! Refer your friends for more chances to win - for every friend you refer, you will receive an additional entry in the sweepstakes.   Enter HERE!

    Dates: November 5 - November 14 

    Prize: Four (4) movie tickets to Breaking Dawn Part 2
    $400 for dinner for four (4)
    Twilight Prize Package:
    Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack $9.99 (Releases Nov 13)
    Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Poster $6.99 
    Twilight Saga Four Pack DVD Set $39.99 
    The Twilight Saga Book Collection $53.30 
    Breaking Dawn Part 2 T-shirt $22.50 

    More Fantastic Coupons!!

    Friday, November 2, 2012

    Roads - Chris Mann CD Review

    Listening to music is one of my most favorite ways to relax and get my head back together.  Although I love all different genres of music, most of the time my radio is on a Country music station.  Recently, I was offered the opportunity by One2One Network to review a new CD by a wonderful singer, Chris Mann, called Roads! 

    I was not familiar with him when I accepted the review, but I can honestly say I love to hear him sing!  Chris Mann was a contestant on The Voice and was on Team Christina.  He competed his way to the finals with his his smooth voice and operatic tendencies.

    About his CD:    Roads boasts a wildly eclectic assortment of songs, ranging from Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind” and Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” to “Ave Maria” and Damien Rice’s “The Blowers’ Daughter,” with the latter featuring a special guest appearance from Christina Aguilera. Mann co-wrote two songs, “Cuore,” based on Bach’s “Air on a G String,” and the contemporary ballad “Falling.”  
    Album Play List:

         I Need You Now
         The Blower's Daughter
         My Way
         Unless You Mean It
         Always On My Mind
         On A Night Like This
         Ave Maria
         Viva La Vida

    This CD would be a wonderful Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your music lover.  It offers such a wide variety of songs, you won't be disappointed!  You can purchase Roads at iTunes & Amazon!
    Disclosure:  This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated are my own.