Friday, November 23, 2012

Blair Candy

I love candy, and when I found Blair Candy online, I thought I was in heaven. There are so many different kinds of candy that the company sells that it is hard to decide what to order. I enjoy looking through the holiday candy because it reminds me of being at home when I was little and searching through my Christmas stocking. The store sells a lot of the newer candy that is on the market, but it also sells candy that I have not seen in years. There are a few different ways that I can search for candy on the site. I like looking at the different candy colors because there are too many different brands to look through. One of the things that I have ordered is the candy box. I chose 24 various candy bars, and they were shipped in one large box. I was able to choose the same things instead of getting 24 different items. My children like looking at the old types of candy like fireballs, Clark bars and Mallo Cups. The prices are great, and the quantities that you get last for quite a few weeks if you don’t eat a lot at one time.

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