Sunday, January 6, 2013

Period Panteez Review ~ Have a Neater Period

When I was growing up, I never had normal periods.  My cycles were all over the board.  Sometimes they would last a week and not return for several months, and sometimes they would go on for months at a time.  I dreaded my cycles because I would undoubtedly ruin some sheets, night clothes, and underwear.  My feminine protection seemed to move around during the night and they would leave me unprotected.  Back then I could only dream about finding something that would solve my period dilemma.  Although I no longer have to worry about periods, I worried that my daughter would suffer from the same problems.  She did, until we discovered Period Panteez!

Period Panteez, triple-layered boy shorts are engineered to:
  •       prevent pad displacement
  •       provide maximum coverage and support
  •       protect from leakage and accidents
  •       boost confidence and peace of mind
  •       save money and embarrassment
  •       provide ultimate comfort and protection
Period Panties by Period Panteez provide just the hug you need!

Period Panteez patent pending design incorporates:
  •     a soft, natural Natural, Eco-Friendly cotton inner layer for ultimate comfort
  •     an innermost, leak-resistant pad-shaped layer for protection
  •     a stretchy outer layer that acts as shapewear and helps cramps!
  •     a plush, extra soft waistband for extra comfort and support

Since using the Period Panteez, we have not had ANY period problems.  The sheets and night clothes have remained clean!  WOOHOO!

Here is what Kat has to say about them:  "Period Panteez are very comfortable and they do a great job in keeping me clean during my periods.  I used to hate mornings during my periods because I would usually wake up to a mess, but since I received the Period Panteez, I have not had that problem.  I have asked for several more pairs because they are comfy and once you try them, you will not want to take them off!"

The Period Pride Movement
It is an inevitable occurrence. It is a woman's rite of passage. It is a gift from God. Without it, life wouldn't even exist. And way too many of us are ashamed of it!
Our Period is a blessing and a miracle! Our period allows us the ability to have children and to carry on our family heritage! Our Period must be celebrated and we should be proud of it, period!
If you agree, please join in the movement and take The Period Pride Pledge!

Period Pride Pledge for Ladies:   I will embrace, celebrate, and be proud of my Period, period!
Period Pride Pledge for
Guys:   I will respect, honor, and be understanding of all ladies' Periods, period!

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Disclosure:  We would like to thank Period Panteez for the free pair Kat reviewed.  They are a godsend!  No monetary compensation was received!  All opinions are those of the Shelly's Bits and Pieces Family.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Period Panteez and I LOVE your review!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the absolutely AWESOME review and blog post! You gals are wonderful and working with you has been more than a pleasure!

Blessings and best wishes,


Inventor of Period Panteez

Unknown said...

Where can i buy these panties...

Shelly Leatham said...

they can be purchased at