Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where I've Been...

Things have been more than crazy around my house for the last week or so.  A friend of my daughter's needed somewhere to stay for a while and we opened our home to her.  Her daddy had kicked her out and she needed somewhere to go.  She was with us for 5 days and things were going so well, then on Saturday, her dad showed up to take her home.  She started shaking so bad, it scared me.  When she refused to go with him, it got ugly, and since I cannot go into a lot of detail, I will say that we have spent the last 2 days at the courthouse trying to help her.  It hurts my heart so badly, because she was coming out of her shell and on her way to becoming a member of our family in just those 5 days.  We are out of the loop now, and have not heard from her since yesterday.  We are praying she is OK.  She'll turn 18 in a few months, and we already assured her that she could return here with our blessing. 

So that is why I have not been posting.  I'll be back on task tomorrow, and I am hoping the blogging will keep my mind occupied.  Tonight, hug your kids a little tighter and say a prayer for "Penguin."  Pray that she stays strong and that things will work out for her.  Thank you everyone!  Good Night and God Bless!


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