Monday, June 10, 2013

My baby is a Sophomore!

The past three weeks have been beyond hectic. Kat was placed on home bound for the remainder of the school year which meant she would take her exams at home. The only problem we really had was that they failed to send an instructor over for the first 2 weeks. She was sent a 25 page review for advanced world history as well as a 25 page review for geometry that needed to be completed and turned in. The World History consisted of about 125-150 words or phrases she needed to define or compare. The problem was that about half of them were NOT in the history book they had. All the worksheets and information refer to a totally different book. UGH!
Kat took the geometry MSL (state test) after having one session with the instructor, and the history one after 2 sessions. We are both very happy to have all that behind us! Now we can get down to summer and relaxation...and hopefully she will continue to get better. She is thrilled that she will be starting drivers ed again next week!! Since she is back to normal, that means I should get that way! Thanks for bearing with us! I look forward to chatting with everyone and posting again...daily!

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