Monday, September 2, 2013

New Manischewitz® Products for the New Year!

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New Manischewitz® Products for the New Year!
Delicious Products To Enjoy Now and Year-Round
NEWARK, NJ (August, 2013) -- Make space in your pantry because Manischewitz® is ready to fill your shelves with exciting, new products! These new introductions are great staples that every kitchen should have for everyday cooking, or for creating a special Shabbat or holiday meal to share with family and friends.  Some of these products are also featured in great recipes found in the newManischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide, a free app available for download on all Apple® and Android™ devices.  Some of the newest products include:

Manischewitz® new Rye Tam Tams joins the extensive line of Tam Tam Crackers which include Original, Unsalted, Garlic, Everything, and Onion.  These crackers make a great anytime snack and are also great for serving to guests!  The new Rye Tam Tam Crackers are available in a 9.6 ounce package. Suggested retail price for the Tam Tams is $3.69.

Manischewitz® new Couscous Mixes are a great side dish for any holiday or everyday meal.  The mixes come in four great varieties; Mushroom and Olive Oil, Tomato and Spinach, Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil, and Herb and Vegetable.  Not only are the couscous mixes all natural and Pareve, they are a good source of protein, and except for Herb and Vegetable, are sugar free.  Suggested retail price is $2.49 for a 5.7 ounce box.

Manischewitz® Couscous Sauces are a delicious new meal idea that can be served over couscous, pasta, or rice.  The sauces are delicately seasoned in authentic Moroccan tradition, and are available in two flavors; Chunky Vegetable, and Chunky Vegetable and Chicken.  Suggested retail price is $3.99-$4.99 for the 16 ounce jar. 

Manischewitz® Honey Apple Macaroons* are a first for this time of year!  Usually enjoyed during Passover, these macaroons are a new sweet treat to enjoy during the Rosh Hashanah; enjoying apples and honey together during Rosh Hashanah symbolizes a “Sweet New Year.” The suggested retail price for the 22 ounce container of macaroons is $6.49.

Manischewitz® Wide Egg Noodles have always been a staple item at holiday meals!  Egg noodles are used in a variety of recipes including soups and sweet noodle casserole for Rosh Hashanah. Suggested retail price is $2.49 for the 12 ounce bag. 

When it comes time to observe and celebrate the upcoming holidays, plus any other occasion, try these delicious recipes below and also visit our website for additional recipes including entrees, appetizers, sides and more.  Manischewitz has also just released the beta version of The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide**.  This free app contains hundreds of delicious, kosher recipes from past Cook-Off winners, kosher chefs, and home chefs.   Best of all, all the recipes, from either their website or app, are so simple to make that they will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

*Available only at Costco.  All other products are available at your local retailer.  Products can also be purchased online

**Download links for the new Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide:

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