Saturday, October 19, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been very busy these last few days.  Our church is having a harvest sale on Saturday (later today), and I have been doing some things for that.  We had a peeling and chopping party at church on Friday morning to prep the potatoes and onions to go into the Brunswick stew that the men are cooking.  Chefy will be going to the church at 5am to help them.  My daughter and I are going over about 9-10am to help set up for the sale and for lunch.  We start serving lunch at 11am, and I know it will be busy!  Lunch consists of BBQ and Brunswick Stew...YUM!  We also have some crafts and preserves that will be sold.  All the money we raise goes to our WOM (Women on a Mission) fund.  We adopt families at Christmas, send money to our missionaries, pay for Vacation Bible School, and much more.  I am very excited to be helping because this is my first year being involved!

Next Friday night we have our Fall Carnival at church, and I will be BUSY again.  Our carnival is completely free, food and all, and I will be frying Oreos that night!  There will be games, hotdogs, funnel cakes, cake walks, hayrides and more!  So exciting!!  We have a great community outreach!

At some point later today or tomorrow afternoon, I will be posting 2 or 3 new giveaways as well as some other posts!  Stick around!  There will be a lot going on for the next few months here at Shelly's Bits & Pieces!

Have a blessed weekend!


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