Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enter the American Pickers Contest with Capri Sun Big Pouches

My teenage daughter and her friends enjoy drinking Capri Sun pouches, and they have for years.  Now that they are teenagers, the small pouches didn't provide enough for them.  We are so thankful for the Capri Sun Big Pouches!  Although they are inhaled as fast as I can buy them, they are a huge hit and I much prefer them to sodas.

We purchase the Capri Sun Big Pouches at our local Walmart and we love the flavors.  They are available in Maui Cooler, Fruit Punch and Strawberry Kiwi.  My daughter loves them all, with the Capri Sun Big Pouch Maui Cooler being her favorite.  Lots of people must love that flavor, because it is the hardest flavor to find at our Walmart.  You will notice in the next photo that the Maui Cooler is already missing!  She drank it on the way home from Walmart!

Since it was a cool fall day, we stopped by a couple yard sales to see if we could "pick" anything that could make money.  We were sent an awesome Picking Kit that we put to good use.  Here is the photo!
Picking kit includes gloves, bandana, flashlight, magnifying glass, note pad and pen, tshirt, Kid Pickers Book and the TerraCycle Bag made from recycled Capri Sun pouches! 
We watch American Pickers on History as a family and we always try to guess how much the things they pick are worth.  Trying it out ourselves was exciting...and a bit nerve wracking.   The first yard sale we visited had a lot of clothes and lots of newer items we were not interested in.  The other one we stopped by had a lot of antique furniture which was way out of our price range.  They had 2 tables at the side with a big sign that read ASK.

Orange Glass Pitcher
We walked over and saw this orange pitcher and my daughter decided she wanted it to put in her bedroom to hold flowers.  She also saw a small Listerine bottle that I knew was an antique.  (My dad collected them.)
She picked them up and asked the price.  The lady told her if she wanted them both, she could take them for $1 total!  You did not have to tell her twice.  Here are her purchases!
Antique Listerine Bottle

If you are like us and you are a fan of American Pickers on History, there is a contest you do not want to miss!  All you have to do to enter is to upload a photo of an item you found while picking!  It is that easy.  My daughter was so proud of her purchases, she is entering the Antique Listerine bottle in the contest!  You can enter here: Capri Sun Big Pouch Pickers Contest

The grand prize is awesome! The winner and 3 guests will get to fly to Nashville to join Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History, for a half day pick!  Also, 100 other winners will receive their very own picking kit, which will include a Messenger Bag, Magnifying Glass, Journal, Pen, Kid Pickers Book and more.

Take a look at this video for tips to help you when you go picking! What do you think? Are you going to give picking a try? If you do, make sure your picking kit includes Capri Sun Big Pouches!

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