Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yummy Nibbler's by Crystal Farms Review

Disclosure:  Free product was provided to facilitate a review.  No compensation was received.  All opinions are honest and are those of the Shelly's Bits & Pieces family.

My family and I love cheese.  We are constantly cooking with it and snacking on it.  Recently, we had the opportunity to try a new product by Crystal Farms, Nibblers.  Nibblers are a new line of bite-sized, 100% real cheese snacks that give you an unexpected flavor  experience in every bite!

Crystal Farms' Nibblers are available in four flavors, including Smoky BBQ seasoned Cheddar cheese, Habanero seasoned Pepper Jack cheese, Chipotle Pepper seasoned Cheddar cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion seasoned Monterey Jack cheese and come in 1.5-ounce stand-up bags.  Each single-serve bag contains 9-10 grams of protein and are an excellent option for giving you and your family the energy you need while snacking on the go.  They are the perfect snack for a busy fall!

Chefy loves anything with heat and he loved the Habanero seasoned Pepper Jack and the Chipotle Pepper seasoned Cheddar!  My daughter and I really liked the Sour Cream and Onion seasoned Monterey Jack and the Smoky BBQ seasoned Cheddar.  The flavors were really nice, they were not weak, and they did not overpower the delicious taste of the cheese!  Chefy used the Chipotle ones in a bowl of chili he was eating and he said the taste was out of this world.  They would be a delicious addition to anything you add cheese to!

If you like different flavors, I think you will like these cheeses.  They are the perfect size for snacking after school, on the go, or anytime you want a cheesy snack.  We each give Nibblers a thumbs up!  It has the approval of the entire Shelly's Bits & Pieces family!

Which flavor would your family enjoy? 


mskayz said...

Habanero Pepper Jack!! yum!

lolamichele said...

these look so yummy shelly! I wish they were available where I shop. I'm always looking for something quick to snack on during the day that is also healthy.