Friday, December 13, 2013

My Mother In Law

Earlier today, about 1:50 am EST, I received a phone call from Seattle telling me that my husband's mother had passed away.  She had been suffering from some lung problems for the last 5 months, and about a month ago, she had a severe flair up and ended up in the hospital.  We have been calling everyday to check on her, and about 4 days ago, she stopped answering the phone.  Chefy's sister lives in WA state, so she was keeping us up to date on their mom.  His mom began having a lot of pain and was on high levels of oxygen around the clock.  We got an email yesterday telling us that they had her on medicines to keep her comfortable.  When Chefy called his sister, she told him that the doctors told her it was a matter of time. His mom passed peacefully this morning.  Michele was 59 years old.  Although we did not always see eye to eye, she gave me the greatest gift, her son. I will forever be in her debt for that!  Mom, we love you and will miss you.  Rest in Peace.

I have several posts already scheduled to post, so they will be coming.  Please pray for our family during this time.  We cannot afford to go to Seattle, so they are putting off the memorial service until January.  Pray that we can afford to go then, and that Chefy will have peace of mind.

God Bless you all!


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mskayz said...

Chefy and the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers.